An Effective Strategy in Dealing with People with Mental Disorders Essay

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Grand Canyon University (GCU) presents an inclusive doctorate course adaptable to every doctorate program. DNA represents a metaphor that denotes distinctive artifacts personalized by GCU’s doctorate course for simplifying pupils’ academic journey. The course is grounded in curricular and content development, research guidance, competences and acquaintance, and a detailed dissertation procedure (, 2017). The aim is: creation of an effectual, engaging, and stimulating academic experience for doctorate level pupils.

The campus provides corporate leadership and educational courses concentrating on cultivating accountability and knowledge with regard to the development and inspiration of superior- performance entities. The institution also offers other doctoral courses like philosophy in nursing practice, general phycology, and business administration. This course is grounded in the DNA system utilized for instilling economic, leadership and business capabilities among directors and educators. It is based on in- depth scientific, practical and abstract research. Learners imbibe skills that facilitate the application of acquired information to their individual professional interests.

GCU’s DNA artifact provides an interconnected method in diverse doctoral journey stages, facilitating the development of an all- inclusive program approach. By collaborating with the DNA system and educators, I will be able to enjoy a meaningful, swift journey that holds regard for theory and practice within any given domain.

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The institution has cultivated a rich community in which stakeholders, students and educators strive constantly towards improving and excelling. In the learner’s role, I will experience simultaneous development in the areas of research, content, leadership mentoring and expertise, from major stakeholders and ex- students. Social dealings with the new doctoral community will assure development of program life, geography and discipline. This promotes quality evaluation, improvements, and correction in domains where educators may experience concerns.

Is psychodynamic/psychoanalytic psychotherapy an effective strategy in dealing with people with mental disorders?

My stance is in opposition to the aforementioned statement.

As uncovered within Freud’s dictionary, the penetration of a person’s mind is generally an understated, intricate facade concealing the covert structure and processes of his/her personality (Freud, 2004). The Freudian model adeptly explains, though falls short of forecasting, human behavior. Consequently, it is not possible to either prove or disprove the theory. For instance, testing and measuring the unconscious brain in an objective way is tough. On the whole, the Freudian theory may be considered highly unscientific.

Scant evidence exists for supporting PDT’s….....

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