Elderly Showing Early Signs of Dementia Essay

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Brain training with non-action video games and its effects on brain health among the elderly showing early signs of dementia

Specific Aims

Past researches have revealed the potential contribution of video game-playing to the improvement of certain cognitive functions among healthy aged individuals (Lampit, Hallock & Valenzuela, 2014; Jak, Seelye & Jurick, 2013). Drawn by the above results reached by scholars in the field, game-making firms have developed and released several kinds of games aimed at brain training (for instance, Brain Age, Brain Challenge and Big Brain Academy). Ever since their earliest releases into the gaming market, games of this sort have enjoyed immense popularity worldwide (Toril, Reales & Ballesteros, 2014; Nouchi et al., 2013). Among the anticipated advantages of such games is improved cognitive functions (for instance, recall, processing pace, executive function, and concentration), indicated often using the term 'transfer effect'.

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This research project specifically aims at examining the advantages of brain training games on aged individuals displaying the initial symptoms of dementia. Scholars have proven that participating in cognition-related activities impacts cognitive impairment inception and occurrence (Connor & Shaw, 2016; Lampit et al., 2014). Further, participating in such cognitive pursuits (even those linked to digital games) can probably aid aged persons without dementia in improving or at least maintaining their cognitive abilities. Hence, this research attempts to determine the likely advantages brain training has in deferring or suppressing clinical dementia onset in aged persons.


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