Emergency Response Crisis Management and CERT Essay

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Crisis Management

Crisis management refers to the process of comprehensive risk assessment and strategic planning. A Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) provides proactive strategies for mitigating risk and managing crises through effective mobilization of human, financial, and technological resources, coordination of different support agencies and allies, and the implementation of recovery and response missions. There is no one central crisis management protocol, for each organization or community will have its own specific risks and resources (“Crisis Management and Emergency Response Plans,” n.d.). The CERT team works within the parameters of its community contingencies.

Emergency Management

Emergency management refers to specific plans for responding to specific emergencies. While not all emergencies can be fully planned for, and unexpected situations will arise, CERT teams are trained and equipped to provide emergency management services for preventing fatalities, minimizing injuries, reducing loss and damage to property, reducing the environmental hazards resulting from an emergency, and promoting a quick resolution to the crisis (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, n.d.). The first step in emergency management is, as with crisis management, risk assessment. Next, CERT leaders can plan and coordinate resources for effective emergency management.

Homeland Security

CERT plays an integral role in the maintenance of homeland security objectives. Homeland security refers to the protection of national borders, the promotion of community resilience to withstand crises including natural disasters and terrorist attacks, and the prevention or response to other crises such as cyberattacks.

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Because so many emergencies are localized, it is critical that local service providers engage with federal agencies that coordinate responses. The Department of Homeland Security (2018) is the presiding federal agency that can provide resources and information to CERT organizations.

Business Continuity

Business continuity refers to the ability of an organization to return to standard operations as seamlessly as possible following any type of crisis. Although individual organizations require a “holistic management process” to effectively manage continuity, CERT teams can provide additional support and consultation before, during, and after crises (Krell, 2006, p. 6). For example, CERT provides the means by which to help organizations assess risk and specific threats, develop feasible plans for responding to those threats, and most importantly, come up with the most viable solutions for maintaining continuity via communications with suppliers and clients, ensuring minimal disruption to transportation and supply chains, and minimal overall losses.

Contingency Planning

Contingency planning covers a wide range of potential threats or crisis that may arise. A contingency plan will address potential failures to respond to crises, providing alternative solutions. A component of risk management as well as business continuity, contingency planning is usually conducted in conjunction with other CERT tasks including providing the necessary training to stakeholders for mitigating a crisis, and maintaining information systems throughout an emergency.

Management Crisis Planning

Management crisis planning refers to the ways crisis planning….....

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