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Statement of the Problem

The relevance of teamwork cannot be overstated in the conduct of today’s business. This is more so the case given the synergy teamwork brings about and its role towards the further enhancement of efficiency and productivity. However, for teams to function optimally and for the benefits of team work to be realized, teams ought to be emotionally intelligent. This is to say that members ought to be aware of not only their behaviors and emotions, but also those of others and how they impact team performance. With virtual teams becoming even more commonplace in a world that has essentially become a global village and where geographical distance no longer hinders the conduct of business, the role emotional intelligence plays in facilitating team cohesion ought to be investigated.
This is more so the case given that the virtual nature of teams more often than not triggers trust and harmful sentimental concerns/issues that could get in the way of the successful implementation of organizational goals and objectives. The present study attempts to map the role of emotional intelligence in a virtual team setting so as to determine whether the same could be harnessed to improve team performance.

Research Question

What impact does a virtual team’s level of emotional intelligence have on team performance?.....

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