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In the three regional organizations in Africa discussed here, it is important that these entities reaffirm their commitment in joining the war against crime and the fight against terrorist groups; which are an obstacle to the success of Africa's economies (Fulgence, 2015). There is a lot of work cut out for sub-Saharan African countries which are grappling with abject poverty. They have plenty of work to do to attain middle income status in their economies.

The terms of economic cooperation vision would have been trained on food production to fight hunger among populations that are growing fast, reducing poverty levels through a host of economic interventions aimed at reducing unemployment and boosting production. With respect to political cooperation, the organizations in question have plenty of work to do in areas of the rule of law and reduction of abuses against human rights (Fulgence, 2015). Incidence of civil unrest, wars; both internally and externally rise sporadically and frequently in Africa despite the regional integration organizations' powers. Such eventualities casts aspersion on the efficacy of these organizations. One wonders whether these regional organizations are capable of combating the myriad of ills bedeviling Africa.

Description of the Phenomena

Insecurity seems the order of the day in Africa. There are many terror groups that have set camp and actively engage in extremist activities in Africa. Insurgencies are commonplace too. The west and East African countries have been the target of several Islamist extremist groups. For instance, in West Africa, the Alqaeda in Islamic Maghreb, Boko Haram, Al Qaida and the Tuareg fighters have links with and even pledged allegiance with Islamic State fighters. They have wrecked havoc in African communities. Alshabaab have meted their heinous actos on individuals, business installations and government agencies and forces in the Eastern part of Africa. The countries within the reach of the Somalia based Alshabaab are still in both security and economic jeopardy as long as the group remains portent (Fulgence, 2015; Bamfo, 2013).

Some organizations have tried to put an end to wars and terror gangs with great indications that if there is concerted effort, a lot can be achieved. These efforts can be multiplied to manage and counter terror attacks - which happen to be modern day's most worrying aspect of insecurity and economic developments on the global scene (Bamfo, 2013). Terrorism stands on the way of many development agenda. It is as much a hindrance to the national economic agenda as much as it inhibits efforts to attain the Millennium Development Goals. A lot of resources are focused on reconstructing installations that have been destroyed.
Sometimes, there is heavy ransom that is paid to these groups for abductions. There is need for cooperation among African nations if peace and tranquility is to be achieved.

Literature Review Findings

African countries have made commendable efforts to combat terrorism. Efforts have been made at both local and national levels to eliminate the danger by way of trying to establish the origins of these problems. African Union members states have agreed to adopt conventions and similar instruments that provide a universal framework for getting rid of the problem. They strongly committed to the antiterrorism crusade in 1999 when they adopted the OAU convention on prevention and combating terrorism (Fulgence, 2015; Bamfo, 2013).

The amount of manpower, technological skills in computer hardware and software, financial backing, security equipment and networking required to implement these resolutions by any country is humongous (Grossman-Vermas, Huber & Kapitanskaya, 2010).

Research Gap

The socio-economic, security and political issues that African countries face stand in the way of their will to fight terrorism. Anti-terrorism assistance provided by the UN should consider the unique socio economic and political circumstances of the regions being supported (Grossman-Vermas et al., 2010).

Terrorism is a product of a combination of factors that range from local to international. These factors revolve around the social, cultural and economic evolution and effect of globalization; especially western-based globalization trends and western policies directed at the Arab and Islamic world (Grossman-Vermas et al., 2010). The extent to which these factors have been incorporated in the multidimensional anti terrorism efforts is still quite vague.

Section 2

Purpose Statement

This qualitative study is meant to explore various available strategies and political designs to fight terrorism on the African front. The research seeks to assess the approaches used by African countries to fight terrorism. The research also seeks to point out the weak points in such strategies as applied by African countries in the fight in question. The role of law enforcement agencies in countering terrorism will also be in the focus of this paper (Stump & Dixit, 2012). The study also seeks to identify the most effective approach that African countries should employ in order to succeed in individually and collectively fighting terrorism.

Justification for Qualitative Study

Qualitative analysis involves analyzing data collected from such sources as interviews or transcripts by the researcher who is analytic and has personal knowledge of the context of the source of the data. The central guiding driver of qualitative analysis is making sense out.....

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