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The use of earthen vessels or treasure in clay jars to represent the weakness of human ministers provides a good metaphor for use in the sermon. Tribulation encompasses a future seven-year period where people will suffer greatly as God judges the earth. As human beings the body is weak against the elements, against poverty, and lack of food. However, there is a treasure hidden deep within humanity that will allow for people suffering through this important time, to pull through (Gorman, 2017). The human soul is that treasure that cannot be affected by the trials endured by the human body. It is here where people can depend on to pull strength during difficult times.

The reading states that through the examples of the jar and earthen vessel, it is meant to teach humanity to not lose heart, to not discourage (Gorman, 2017). People may be raptured because of belief in God. However, some may not, and it is faith in the Lord and faith in one’s self that will help guide the path of salvation. Paul had difficulties during his ministry because of harsh criticism and dissent among those that were around Paul. Like now when different peoples and government persecute Christians, Christians may feel lost and discouraged.

However, Paul held his head high because he was honesty and acted with integrity throughout his life. While the reading suggests Paul was a slave to the Lord (Phil. 217) (Gorman, 2017), Paul managed to evoke additional meaning through Jesus’ death and resurrection. The soul within humans, that light is a source of God. In Paul’s words, to be afflicted, but not crushed and struck down, but not destroyed, it represents the power of God through the human soul. And if the Hawaiians lose faith and feel like they cannot continue, it is important to remind them, they have part of God within them that is eternal and will guide them to true salvation.

This leads to the idea of suffering and how people can move forward. Suffering plagues everyone. To live a human life, a mortal life, is to suffer. It does not matter if one is rich or poor. People suffer regardless. It could be due to feeling lost or lacking resources, a potential health crisis. There are so many ways humans suffer. However, there is beauty in that suffering.

Jesus Christ suffered immensely to absolve….....

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