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Other chapters cover "You Expect it to Suck," "You Say Yes When You Mean No," "You Try to Fix Other People," "You Think You Have to o it All Yourself," "You Keep Trying to Prove Yourself," "You Forget to Enjoy the Ride."

There's a lot of conventional, practical wisdom in Cohen's book and there are, undoubtedly, readers who need to have these very salient points enumerated for them. it's an issue of semantics, but Cohen is clearly saying, take charge of your own life, have a positive attitude, don't be superficial, don't do anything unhealthy, have only yourself to answer to, be clear and say what you mean, learn to delegate when it's essential, realize you cannot control another person, take serious time for yourself, doing what you love, and finally, don't miss out on the many good things that are invariable right before you.

It may very well be true, that a truly great self-help book just reminds of what we already know, deep down, to be right. Cohen doesn't try to mask his matter-of-fact "rules to live by" in new-age speak or create his own version of the universe of life. That is one of the best elements to this book - there is no pretense. It is not murky, or cloudy, it is clear as the proverbial bell.

The kind of person who will read this book, and truly benefit from it, is the reader who is willing to be self-aware, not editorialize while reading it, and make a sincere effort to embrace what is already apparent, even if not immediately obvious.

Cohen's observations tackle all the areas of life: relationships, money, work, spirituality, creativity, personal empowerment, sex, etc.

Why Your Life Sucks and What You Can Do About it could prove valuable for someone who is truly dissatisfied with their lives or for someone who has the general malaise of the discontented. Cohen combines practical, sage advice with credible supportive stories to make this book an easy read, but it should not be a fast read. There's plenty to absorb. Some readers will need to put quotes on post-its and have them near by to reference. For others, it may be a more natural infusion and can be memorable enough without physical reminders of they may consider the "gems" of Why Your Life Sucks and What You Can Do About it.

But there is no "wrong" way to receive or read this book. It doesn't advocate any kind of selfish behavior, it keeps humanity in tact. It is at its best an excellent reminder of what each person is capable of, what they can aspire to, what they can hope for, and what they deserve.


Cohen, Alan. Why Your Life Sucks and What You Can Do about it


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