Ethics and Morality: The Concept of Morality Essay

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Ethics and Morality:

The concept of morality is a major aspect across every religion and ethical system since its entrenched on similar essential concept of reciprocity. As a result, morality is a significant concept for people because human nature has an intrinsic sense of the way things should be. The essence of every right and wrong is morality, which is also the foundation of all justice. In addition to being the basis of all aptness and moral standards, the sense of right or wrong basically originates from an individual's conscience. However, the identification of suitable moral standards requires a person to examine various questions, issues, and dilemmas of personal and social significance that he/she has experienced.

Essence of Morality:

In determining personal and social significance based on individual experiences, one of the major issues to examine is the essence of morality in light of the necessity of morality in leading a fulfilled and happy life. Generally, morality is regarded as a concept that is intrinsically inflexible because an action is either right or wrong. However, the determination of the morality of an action is usually based on the individual's conscience. Morality is essential for leading a fulfilled and happy life because it provides a solution to the curious idea of human beings that they ought to behave in a particular way that they can't eliminate or ignore.

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The curious idea acts as the basis for determining a person's fulfillment in life since it guides him/her towards the achievement of certain goals in life. Secondly, morality is essential for a fulfilled and happy life because every individual must have boundaries to judge good and bad behavior.

Obstacles to having a Moral Life:

One of the major obstacles to having a moral life is peer pressure from people who do not support your morals. This is a major challenge because such individuals are likely to influence or jeopardize a person's moral standards. Secondly, temptation is an obstacle to having a moral life that is closely associated with the first obstacle. This obstacle originates from the difficulties that an individual may experience in staying true to their moral standards regardless of the existing circumstances. Actually, this obstacle becomes a major challenge as an individual becomes older because of the increase in responsibilities and challenges. In order to overcome these obstacles, a person should always evaluate the impact of the decision on his/her life and its effect on his/her morals.

Instilling Morality in the Education Process:

Morality should be instilled as part of the education process for the youth because of its role and significance in leading a fulfilled and happy life.….....

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