Ethics and Morality Should Congress Essay

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If this group thinks that these laws are needed for all the rest of the businesses in the America then they should ethically think that these laws should apply to everyone including them. The fact that Congress is not held to the same standards as everyone else makes them appear untrustworthy and unethical, which undermines the government process as a whole.

4) in your opinion is it necessary to create laws to prevent unethical behavior?

There should be laws put into place in order to stop this type of unethical behavior from going on. There should not be a group of people that have an advantage over others just because of the job that they hold. There was a rule passed in the Senate in 1968 that requires lawmakers and aides to reveal information about their assets. The House of Representatives forced similar necessities at about the same time. The regulations necessitate all members of Congress and several of the highest-paid congressional aides to reveal information yearly in regards to their finances.
This includes their assets, debts, spouse's employment and other supplies of profits they earn, including capital gains from trading stocks. Not like many Executive Branch employees, lawmakers and aides don't have limitations on their stock holdings and possession interests in businesses that they supervise. Congressional rules state that necessitating employees to do so could protect a legislator from the individual and monetary benefits that their electorate, or society in general, has in governmental choices and strategy (Mullins, McGinty, and Zwig, 2010). These laws and regulations that have been put into place are a good start but they don't go far enough in order to prevent unethical behavior from taking place. There needs to be stronger, more specific laws enacted in order to make this unethical behavior illegal so that just like with other companies the people who work there cannot take advantage….....

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