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Sometimes, it is hard to know what will happen, though, and practitioners need to have good reasons -- based on experience -- for choosing a course of action on the basis of what the consequences will be. We cannot really know for sure what will happen if this couple conceives. it's possible with a baby coming that the father will be inspired to quite cocaine and drinking; however, he has an eleven-year-old at home and apparently isn't worried that his drug habits may be making a negative impact on the older child, so it seems to optimistic to think he will be concerned about an impact on the baby.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to choose a course that is not in the best interests of the patient -- someone else's well being may be a consideration -- in this case, the other patient's (the wife) and the unborn child's welfare is at stake. Consequence-based ethics would demand that the practitioner have a discussion with the couple about the issue of combining parenthood with drinking and drugs.

Finally, virtue ethics argue that ethical behavior flows naturally from good character and the development of virtues.
If the practitioner is in possession of virtues such as justice, prudence, fortitude and truthfulness, he or she will be able to solve this ethical dilemma by applying them. A sense of justice, for instance, would tell you it isn't fair to bring a child into the world, hoping it will solve the parent's problems. it's possible this is a prime motive for these parents. Moreover, the issue of really wanting a child should be brought into the open. it's possible that the woman isn't that eager either. She may believe that it's what her husband wants, and so she is willing. In that case the child would have two less-than-eager parents. Prudence would say wait until the father has been free of drugs and alcohol for at least six months before fertility treatment. At 28 and 35, their reproductive window will remain open for a few more years, so six months is a reasonable length of time in which the husband could show good faith in his promise to stop. If the husband refuses to quit using drugs and alcohol, I would withdraw from….....

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