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Ethics and Morality

In ethics egoism demands the individual to either be the encouraging moral force or should be the end of moral action. Egoism is of two; positive and normative ethic. The positive ethic is about real human psychology, where people are motivated by their own interests and desires. The normative ethic says that people should be so motivated.

The positivist egoist theory called the psychological egoism, provides an explanation of human affairs, in relation to human nature, which is considered to be self-centered and self-motivated. This theory suggests that people always see their own interests, although many people disguise their self-interest with acts of helping others or doing their duty.

A problem with egoism is that reason it can force one's own interests to pressurize one's actions. This can cause conflicting issues in a society to be created, leading to impartiality

Ethical egoism theory promotes a person's good side with morality.

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In advocates that it is always morally correct to promote one's own good but it isn't moral to promote it. The drawback of this situation could be that there may be some conditions in which avoiding personal interest may be considered a moral action

An example of ethical egoism that signifies that might is right is as follows: In the case of the rich uncle and the greedy nephew, the case is not about the nephew being ethical by killing his uncle. The problem arises from conflating ethics with personal gain and disapproving personal gain from an ethical point-of-view that openly condemns murder. The counter-argument for the personal gain does not mean doing harm to others, but by doing harm to others implies accepting the principle of doing harm to others as being ethical. This principle shows….....

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