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Those guidelines must be respected in all instances -- every manager will feel as if his or her current crisis is the one sufficiently dire to contact an employee on vacation. If vacations become extensions of the office, the spiritually enriching aspects of human life will begin to be depleted, and on a practical level, if the company does not compensate workers for working on vacation, this is time theft on the part of the company, of the employee's vacation time and of unpaid labor

Act according to Kant's categorical imperative at all times when setting boundaries between work and home. A natural law according to Kant is "a law….true of all rational agents" (Johnson 2009).A natural law that surely transcends any work policy or need of the moment is that individuals contracted for pay should be paid for all of their work and official employee leisure time should be respected, as agreed upon at the time of the employment

Privacy: "Observe a reasonable person standard when creating agreements to release information"

Internet users should feel secure that their information will not be sold without their knowledge for marketing purposes.
A person who buys vacuum cleaner bags online should not have to worry about getting emails from every home improvement vendor on the web, while the vacuum company profits from selling such information, after profiting from the original sale. This makes selling a product a kind of unethically, doubly profitable enterprise -- the vendor profits from the sale, but also from the name the customer unwittingly gave out.

Of course, users are often forced to sign agreements releasing their information before buying a product or using a website online. But these agreements are often so long and confusing, bestowing such consent means little. The standard for contracts signed online should be that reasonable person (or reasonable net-surfing reader) without a law degree can comprehend the document, much like the reasonable person standard created by the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes in evaluating whether an agreement or situation was unethical and/or illegal ("Oliver Wendell Holmes," InfoPlease, 2009).


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