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Strategic, Tactical and Administrative Crime Analysis

Crime analysis is one of the most important processes in the fight against crime and efforts towards enhancing the effectiveness of the criminal justice system in dealing with crime. In the past few years, crime analysis has continued to expand in law enforcement agencies across the globe. This expansion has contributed to the development and use of different methods of crime analysis including strategic, tactical, and administrative strategic analysis. These techniques of crime analysis are utilized when examining different crime incidents and resolve them. This paper provides a review of different crime incidents using different techniques of crime analysis and an analysis of the various factors of crime in these incidents.

Review of the Crime Incidents

When reviewing these incident summaries, the type of analysis being conducted is tactical crime analysis whose main focus is to promote the short-term development of patrol, investigative priorities, and resource deployment. The use of tactical analysis in reviewing these incident summaries is evident in the fact that the analysis will focus on determining the series and patterns of these crimes through linking them together (Stenton, 2006). Additionally, the use of tactical analysis in these summaries would focus on identifying probable suspects responsible for the crime series and patterns, and forecasting future crime incidents depending on the identified crime patterns and trends.

These incidents can be considered as a crime series, which is described as a crime pattern in which there is reasonable belief that the offenses are being committed by the same offender or offenders (McCoy, n.d.). Based on these incident summaries, there is evidence for reasonable belief that the robberies are carried out by the same criminals. The pattern in this crime series is evident in the appearance of the criminals, their statements, their indistinguishable accent, preference for Marlboro cigarettes, and how they leave the crime scene. In essence, these incidents can be considered as a crime series because of the consistent elements of the modus operandi in each of the three incidents.

The identity of either suspects involved in these crimes can be determined through the use of various clues that are evident in the incident summaries. One of these clues is the criminals' clothing, particularly the use of a black hooded sweatshirt and unknown colored shoes. The second clue that can be utilized in determining the identity of the….....

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