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Readmission of Hispanic Populations for CHF


Background: The specific phenomenon examined within this paper is the readmission of Hispanic patients for congestive heart failure (CHF). Hispanic patients are representative of myriads of underserved populations in this regard and are frequently troubled by readmissions for this ailment due to an assortment of factors revealed from an thorough literature review about this subject.

Literature Review: The literature review for this paper involved searching and parsing through scholarly articles specific to this phenomenon. The author of this document sought out articles focused on this particular population segment and issues contributing instances of readmission for CHF. The literature examined was within the past 15 years. Moreover, this literature was analyzed within the context of middle ground theory as it applies to the nursing profession.

History of the Theory: Middle ground theory is innately multidisciplinary when it is utilized within the context of nursing. This theory initially arose as a framework for analyzing sociological phenomena. However, when it is deployed for healthcare and nursing use cases, it pinpoints ways to alter clinical practice as a means of positively affecting patient care.

Three Conceptual or Theoretical or Methodological Issues: These issues are predicated on the dearth of research about the phenomenon explored within this paper. There are too few research studies focused on Hispanics (as opposed to other historic minority groups), CHF (as opposed to other forms of heart disease, and CHF instead of other types of heart failure.

Summary: There are multiple socio-economic issues contributing to this phenomenon, which can be ameliorated with increased education.


The phenomenon studied within the literature review for this assignment is the readmission of Hispanic patients with congestive heart failure. Readmission for this specific condition is significant because it indicates that patients are having difficulty overcoming this condition. The reasons for those difficulties can involve low levels of patient adherence, comprehension issues specific to language difficulties, self esteem, and general motivational problems.
Moreover, there are certain racial disparities pertaining to both the attainment of healthcare treatment objectives and to those associated with CHF which relate to socio-economic factors that also affect readmission rates of Hispanic patients for this specific medical condition. Middle range theory is a prominent mechanism used within the preponderance of the research examined in the literature review for the factors contributing to the readmission of Hispanic patients with CHF.

This theory helps to explicate some of the basic social constructs and their ramifications which can explain the relatively high rate of incidence of readmission for Hispanics afflicted with CHF. Essentially, this theory posits the notion that there is no one (or even limited number of defining social characteristics) or variables contributing to phenomena such as that detailed within this paper. This document also explicates the particular criteria which helped determine the articles analyzed within the literature review which informed this paper. These include key words, databases, and the years included in the search. Additionally, there are three defining conceptual and methodological issues which were uncovered during the literature review which significantly impacted the conclusions drawn about this particular phenomenon for Hispanic patients. Nearly all of these problems are demonstrations of the fact that there is a dearth of literature exploring the particularities surrounding the readmission of Hispanic patients with CHF, including a shortage of literature about Hispanic patients with this condition, failure to distinguish such patients who have CHF from those with other varieties of heart disease, and failure to distinguish CHF from other forms of heart failure.

Components of the Literature Search

The major components of the literature search conducted for the annotated bibliography accompanying this assignment were varied. The primary focus of the literature search was stratified into a pair….....

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