Feasibility of Investing in Organic Foods Menu Essay

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Intrapreneurial Opportunity Within 3 Squares Restaurant

Identification of the Opportunity

Squares Restaurant has identified various opportunities it intends to pursue. The most interesting opportunity is the company's strong interest in things like organic eating, healthy diets, and the ability to combat food deserts. The area in which the establishment is located lacks quality food options. Therefore, the company has an opportunity to market healthy, organic food options that can improve the quality of lives. As the baby boomers enter the seniors' age and as the society develops a strong interest in the quality of life, the company can approach this opportunity from various angles to succeed and differentiate from other eateries.

An Assessment of the Opportunity

Today, organic food is one of the growing trends. The consumer demand for organic food has been on the rise in the last five years, which means 3 Squares Restaurant may reap, from such a business; the management has realized the importance of organic food. More people are today concerned about their healthy food choices and diets. There has been a remarkable growth in the interest about organic restaurants as consumers are reacting to popular media regarding health and food safety (Hanks & Mattila, 2016).

Residents in the areas where the company is located are known for keeping up with trends and enjoying new things. The area is popular for its unique restaurants. Importantly, the area has numerous farms that ensure the locals are supplied with fresh foods. The economy of the area is driven by farming and agriculture courtesy of its favorable climate. Many the farmlands are medium-sized; this offers the ease of controlling the quality of production and offers greater choices regarding suppliers. In fact, most of these suppliers work together to ensure constant availability of raw materials (Poulston & Yiu, 2011).

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With all these into consideration, 3 Squares Restaurant may pursue the niche market in the current location. The facility will provide various healthy organic meals made from local fresh products brought directly from the farms within the area. The company will create a cool atmosphere combined with the right foods, decoration, and music. For 3 Squares, food is the most critical factor, and the company cares about the quality of raw materials as well as their origins. Due to this, 3 Squares buys its ingredients from local farms so that it can offer the best local organic and healthy menus. The menus are likely to change according to the season, which implies the menu will be dynamic. The intention of this dynamic menu is to excite the patrons.

Benefits to the Company

This business opportunity will draw various benefits not only for 3 Squares Restaurant but also for the local farmers, organic handlers, and the wider organic community. The company should not hesitate about pursuing this opportunity because of the numerous benefits that may accrue from such a niche market.

The organic eating and healthy diets can be profitable for the company. Though buying food will cost the restaurant more unlike buying conventional foods, consumers are willing to pay whatever the cost to eat healthy meals. In fact, consumers are willing to cut costs in other areas to purchase organic meals (Hanks & Mattila, 2016). This business has attractive returns due to the growing demand for organic products influenced by its health advantages. Despite this, the area has few restaurants that offer organic menus. Experts project that the organic restaurant industry will grow at an unprecedented rate in a….....

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