Financial Accounting Vs. Managerial Accounting Essay

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Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is mainly concerned with the financial statements that are given to the stockholders, lenders, financial analysts as well as other important factions outside the company. The accounting principles come hand in hand with financial accounting since they are used in reporting the results of the corporation's past transactions. These transactions are reported on balance sheets, the statement of changes, the statement of cash flow, and the income statement. Financial accounting is mainly used as a representation of the financial health of an organization to the stakeholders. The audience of financial accounting includes board of directors, financial institutions, and the stakeholders. The financial accounting presents a specific period in the history of the organization. The information helps the audience to review the performance of the company (Needles, Powers, & Crosson, 2013).

Managerial Accounting

In contrast, managerial accounting focuses on the provision of information inside the company to ensure that the management can operate effectively. Management accounting is mainly used by managers in the making of the day to day decisions that affect operations of business. Therefore, management accounting is based on current and future trends and not on past performances. No exact numbers are involved in management accounting, as the management has to make decisions in a short period as the environment keeps on fluctuating.

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The implication is that the management accounting relies on forecasting of markets and the trends in the environment (Needles, Powers, & Crosson, 2013).

Differences between the Two

One of the differences is aggregation with financial accounting reporting on an entire business with the managerial accounting being more detailed as it provides information on the profits via products, the product line, specific geographic region and customer information. The other difference is efficiency with financial accounting being more efficient based on the reporting type done. On the other hand, managerial accounting reports on some of the problems that the company is facing and ways of fixing it. The other difference comes regarding proven information. Financial accounting uses a considerable precision to provide a clear image of the company. Managerial accounting is concerned with operational reports and is only distributed within the company (Needles, Powers, & Crosson, 2013).

Standards may also be one of the differences that occur when it comes to the two types of accounting. Financial accounting has to comply with the set standards in accounting. This is different when….....

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Needles, B., Powers, M., & Crosson, S. (2013). Financial and managerial accounting. Nelson Education.

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