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Page 1 of 2 chooses to advertise it is attempting to introduce a product or service into the marketplace to make potential customers more likely to buy and become loyal to the business. The aim is to increase visibility and generate brand awareness of the product and/or service, thereby increasing potential profits. Companies do this all the time when they are first launching a brand-new product or service. For example, Apple increases its advertising when they first launch a new iPhone. The same can be said with companies like Amazon when they launch a new version of their kindle.

The type of signals, advertisers make for their company are to create a connection with the consumer base. The customers need to feel a deeper connection to the product that will compel them to purchase and continue purchasing. Social media is being used to by companies now because social media savvy people already have that built-in connection their audience they spent years to establish and can make it easy to advertise a product (Wind, 2016). A product by the name of 'Fit Tea' has hit Instagram with many Instagram-famous bloggers and vloggers promoting the product.

When customers see the product being promoted by someone they admire and/or like, they are more likely to buy the product because they believe the promoter is sincere.
This goes into the kind of promises the company makes when advertising to an audience. By promoting this product, there are implicitly promising a high-quality product that works and can be purchased at a reasonable price. Customers then trust the company and make the purchase.

This exchange creates a connection and establishes a relationship between the customer and the firm. Such a relationship allows for potential future transactions between both parties. Such transactions promote customer loyalty and continued profits for the company. Therefore, it is important that the firm attempts to make promises that will propel the growth of customer loyalty.

Although these promises are meant to be kept by firms, at times they are not. When promises are not delivered, many things can go wrong. That anticipated customer loyalty can fizzle before it is formed. For example, if a company promises a customer will lose weight thanks to using a product (Fit Tea), and the customer does not lose weight, it destroys the confidence and trust the customer….....

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