Followership in the Army Servant Leadership Essay

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I. Introduction with thesis statement: Servant leaders and their followers are two sides of the same coin, as both followership and servant leadership require a dedication to shared values and goals.

II. Topic 1 sentence: Unlike the concept of followership, servant leadership is ultimately about making strong decisions with vision and foresight.

Subtopic 1: Within the framework of servant leadership, followers offer input and feedback but are not responsible for making important decisions.

Subtopic 2: Servant leaders are entrusted with the power of foresight, but do rely on followers for ideas and alternative points of view.

Subtopic 3: While some followers may have valuable insight, followership does not require the cultivation of a cohesive vision.

III. Topic 2 sentence: Both servant leadership and followership require strength of character, selflessness, and collaboration to achieve mutual goals.

Subtopic 1: A servant leader must have strong character, whereas followership is more about learning how to develop character to earn trust.

Subtopic 2: Both followership and servant leadership demand self-sacrifice and an ability to surrender the ego.

Subtopic 3: Because effective servant leadership depends on collaboration, servant leadership also depends on effective followership.

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IV. Topic 3 sentence: Servant leadership is about steering the ship in the right direction according to shared values and principles, inspiring trust and effective followership.

Subtopic 1: Followership is not about taking decisive action that moves the group forward, as a servant leader does.

Subtopic 2: Both followers and servant leaders place principles and values first, even being willing to step aside and let others shine when necessary.

Subtopic 3: Servant leadership and followership are both about trust and mutual respect.

V. Conclusion with thesis restatement: Although leaders lead and followers follow, servant leadership and followership share in common several features such as selflessness, loyalty, and unity.

Venn Diagram

Servant Leadership

Vision and foresight

Virtuous character

Decisive action


Offering dissenting opinions but ultimately submitting to the leader’s vision

Following orders for the good of the Army

Adhering to a chain of command for the greater good

Both (intersection)

Trust in shared values and goals

Mutual respect and empowerment


Virtuous character


Mind Map


Servant Leadership


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Jacobs, G. A. (2006). Servant leadership and follower committment. Servant Leadership Research Roundtable.

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