Gender Effect on Leadership Style and Job Satisfaction Essay

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Employees' job satisfaction and success is tremendously influenced by managers. Studies show that men and women have varying preferences for the choice of the gender of their manager. Several studies have concentrated on this matter. Unfortunately, the outcomes of the studies are inconsistent. This paper, therefore, seeks to review past findings of research with the intention of exploring and casting light on the relationship between the variables in the modern workplace (Jackson, Alberti, & Snipes, 2014).

Effect of Gender on Leadership Style

Available research shows that men and women face different evaluation parameters in their leadership roles. Success in performance for a man is often attributed to the internal characteristics of the man and his skills and abilities. On the other hand, success for a woman is attributed to external factors that relate to a situation. These include the simplicity of the task or chance. There is a general perception that men are achievers and doers. Women, on the other hand, are perceived to possess better interpersonal skills (Crites, Dickson, & Lorenz, 2015).

Women are relatively fewer than men are, in many segments and sectors; especially at higher management levels and decision-making positions. Indeed, the title 'manager' often strikes as male to many people before they neutralize it to either gender.

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It is hard to change the dominant stereotypes that have fueled these notions. Thus, many women still face discrimination in leadership roles and some form of barrier for rising to decision-making positions (Crites, Dickson & Lorenz, 2015). Researchers concur that in the USA, the masculine approach has been touted as the more successful leadership style in its culture. It is assumed that a masculine leadership style is a hallmark of a rigid approach, driven by productivity and objectivity, and has its eyes cast on the end result (Jackson et al., 2014).

Such gender stereotypes that women are warm, soft, caring and nurturing, juxtaposed with the stereotype that men are rough, competitive and authoritarian seem to be fueling the perceptions and practiced universally. The truth, though, is that women are just as effective in leadership as men are. There is a close relationship in the definitions of a successful manager and a successful leader. Both are based on masculinity, characteristics, parameters and terms of engagement (Kawakami, White, & Langer, 2000).

Effect of Gender on Employee Job Satisfaction

Personality and demographic differences are known to influence the….....

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