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.....motivated by a strong desire to help people. At first, I envisioned myself going into the field of medicine, and then I switched my attention to pharmacy. My studies stimulated my desire to work in global public health, and soon it became apparent that my real passion is for the field of epidemiology. Epidemiology motivates me more than other fields because of the way it applies to the global and macro issues that are so important for public health management and policy. Although I have not yet determined if there is a specific disease or geographic area that I might be interested in researching, but I am keenly aware of health disparities worldwide and am interested in perhaps one day alleviating those health disparities in some way with the work that I do eventually as an epidemiologist.

With a grounding in the methodologies and principles of epidemiology, I will also be able to understand how international health organizations like the World Health Organization use studies grounded in empirical evidence and statistics in order to transform the lives of millions of people worldwide. Whether I find work with this or another global health organization, this is where my passion lies. I do believe that the only way to help charitable organizations to thrive is through science. Evidence-based interventions are uniquely able to attract the funding they needs, because those that are rooted in faith-based organizations' chartable appeals will not have an intended effect on their communities. Instead, I see a strong need for international aid organizations to hire more epidemiologists to translate individual data sets from communities, into revealing patterns and trends. Those trends may reveal geographic-specific issues such as the way clean water access is inequitably distributed, leading to the manifestation of certain illnesses, or other geographic issues such as the patterns and rates at which diseases spread.

I have always been fascinated with superbugs and it is possible this is might be an area of study that I will pursue in greater detail while in this program. With a keen awareness of how the alterations to our environment are impacting public health, I am also concerned about cancer epidemiology. Recently it was brought to my attention that the rate of breast cancer may be higher in countries that are wealthy and developing for the main reason that exposure to artificial light at night over time is disrupting circadian rhythms, altering the brain's production of melatonin, which is thereby linked to the growth of breast cancer tumors.

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Finding this study fascinating, I started to research more about the disease prevalence of different cancers around the world with cultural and geographic differences. In the future I hope to contribute to a worldwide project utilizing epidemiological data to draw maps that can provide media-rich content for international health organizations. These types of maps can be used to help visualize where funds need to be diverted, or where certain targeted medical interventions may be necessary.

With a strong background in pharmacy, I have also been wondering if I can apply my studies to the way pharmacological interventions can be used around the world to alleviate common and preventable illnesses. Instead of focusing on wealthy nations, if I focus my attention on developing nations, I may be able to provide consultation for pharmaceutical companies as to how to encourage them to operate more ethically and with greater awareness of corporate social responsibility. As of yet, I have not been specifically drawn to any one area of epidemiology, as my advisors and mentors have simply helped me to develop the strength and confidence I need to take my career to a new level. I have the grounding in my field to show that I can be a major contributor to your program, and intend to be an active member of the campus community.

This program in particular stood out to me among others because of the courses that it offers and the faculty that seem outstanding based on the work they have done and the studies they have published. I know that I can play a role in improving public health in many ways, but that I first need to learn about data modeling, statistics, and the foundations of epidemiological research. By providing large data sets to health care providers, I can create lucrative opportunities, potentially starting my own medical research organization in the future with the help of my colleagues. I have been passionate about the….....

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