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Research Proposal


The United States has allowed the use of genetically modified (GMO) foods for human consumption. This has led people to fight for measures to decrease exposure to GMO foods in America. From food labeling to encouraging the purchase of foods that are non-GMO sourced, these measures have painted a stigma on GMO. Several reasons exist for the removal of GMO foods. One reason is that most genetically modified genes inserted into the seeds that yield fruits and vegetables are derived from foreign species like bacteria and viruses (). These bacteria and viruses can cause harm to the human body in the form of sterility, allergic reactions, and deceased livestock.

For example, one article noted that GMO corn may change the histological structure of living organisms if they consume it long-term. The animal they experimented on were two albino adult male rats. “Marked ultrastructural changes of some enterocytes with focal loss of the microvillous border were observed. Some enterocytes had vacuolated cytoplasm, swollen mitochondria with disrupted cristae and dilated rough endoplasmic reticulum. Some cells had dark irregular nuclei with abnormally clumped chromatin” (Ibrahim & Okasha, 2016, p. 579). These significant changes may be observed in humans if they consume enough GMO foods in the long-term.
Ultimately this means that GMO could be considered a food safety/quality issue.

The second reason for the selection of this topic is the ongoing efforts of people to educate others on GMOs and the impact it has had on food manufacturing companies. Processed foods like cereals and canned soups make sure to include the ‘No GMOs’ label on their products to ensure customers know what they are getting regarding food quality. This was not like this in the recent past. Mandatory labeling has become the norm ever since the 2016 passing of the GMO Labeling Bill (Ronald & Adamchak, 2018). These actions demonstrate the fight against GMO is influential and long-term.

Draft Thesis

Genetically modified (GMO) foods are a popular ingredient in American processed foods. These foods taste good and are affordable, but often come with potential for health risks. Some say a part of that reason are the GMO ingredients in these foods. Companies like Monsanto claim GMO crops are safe and do not damage the body. However, research on rats suggest they might….....

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