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"Esri Launches Story Map Journal App Contest For Students"

The use of geographic information systems (GIS) when it comes to plotting or tracking anything that involves disparate locations is nothing new. However, the depth and breadth that newer GIS projects are taking in comparison to older ones just shows how far the field has come and how far it could truly go. In keeping with the renewed and revised commitment to strengthen the STEM subjects, those being science, technology, engineering and mathematics, is rendering in all relevant fields and at level of education. As one might imagine, this easily and obviously includes the field of GIS. This article review looks at a summary of a program where students were asked to submit a Story Map Journal for a contest. How the field of GIS was used in this situation and how learning and school was an integral part of the same will be the main subject of this report. While GIS is not an obvious tool for many situations, its uses can lead to great discoveries and insight.


As noted in the introduction, GIS in the case of the article under review for this brief report occurred in a blend of the school and professional environments.
The content was opened on a global basis and it has a deadline of November 11th of this year. The main way in which there is a blend of education and the private sector is the actions of the creator of the contest, an organization called Ersi, in that they opened up their information and databases to the people entering the contest. The data that the company has relating to geographic analyses, visualizations, predictive models and so forth are voluminous. The precise categories of study that are in play include the study of the land, the study of the ocean, the study of populations and beyond. The students in question are of high school age and they are enrolled in AP/college preparation courses in the fields of mathematics and science as well as students that are enrolled in college courses relating to STEM fields in general and/or GIS in particular. There are a number of prices to be had and they range from cash prizes or suites of Ersi software that range in value from two thousand dollars all the way up to five….....

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