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Following the onset of the Great Depression, America’s leaders tried to find ways to get the country going again, to stimulate the economy, put Americans back to work, and recreate the prosperous good times of the 1920s.  Franklin Roosevelt called for action.1  Hoover before him called for the government to resist intervention.2  Two decades earlier Teddy Roosevelt called for intervention in the regulation of labor.3  Henry Ford called for self-help—not intervention—but independence.4  Based on these four perspectives, this paper argues that government intervention leads to a culture of dependency, which does not facilitate growth or positive and innovative solutions to real problems; therefore, government should not seek to intervene in the economy but rather allow the bad blood to work its way out, as painful as that may be.

Teddy Roosevelt felt that in order for America to have equitability, the government should get involved.  He argued that “the right to regulate the use of wealth in the public interest is universally admitted.  Let us admit also the right to regulate the terms and conditions of labor, which is the chief element of wealth, directly in the interest of the common good.”5  TR wanted to help any man he stumbled.
 He supported his point by saying that no one could be a good citizen unless he looked out for his fellow man. His ideas were based on philanthropy.  It was the exact opposite of Henry Ford’s argument:  “independence means self-dependence.  Dependence on some one else for employment in busy times may too easily become dependence on some one else for support in slack times.”6  Ford’s argument was based on experience and the philosophy of American Transcendentalism:  self-reliance.  Ford stated he had always had to work, whether anyone would hire him or not.  When no one else would employ him,….....

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Franklin Roosevelt says Government Must Act, 1933

Henry Ford on Unemployment and Self-Help, 1932

Herbert Hoover Applauds Limited Government, 1931

Teddy Roosevelt Announces  the New Nationalism, 1910.
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