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The grant proposal preparation is a long process which requires a careful preparation. It is very important to work with a group of people, to make plans ahead and to understand the steps. In this brief proposal, the aim of the grant application will be identified; potential grant agencies will be determined; the financial plan will be proposed, and the prospective grant agency will be contacted by email and phone to discuss the details, rules and regulations. Homeless people will be served and supported by Hope's Home Organization. These people go through physiological trauma process because of pressure and denials of community. This service will not only provide shelter to these people but also find them suitable jobs and education opportunity. In order to open a public center for homeless people and to reach people who would benefit from these services the tentative yearly budget would be as follows:

Renting a building $120 000

Media and advertisement expenses (including office needs) $25,000

Personal and vehicle expenses $350,000

Fulltime Administrator Assistant


Part-time Accountant

Two officers

Service minibus

Travels and Seminars $75,000

Misc $50,000

There are numbers of funding sources for non-profit organizations serving for homeless and poor people. Herewith, the grant proposal preparation process will be identified step-by-step starting with an internet search on suitable grant provider.

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Internet is a great source to reach prospective funding agencies as well as additional instructions and required forms. The ultimate aim of Hope's Home Organization is providing emergency shelter, food, job and education for the homeless people as well as the public awareness in this aspect. In this context, The Emergency Shelter Grants (ESG) (, Sara Lee Foundation (, and Fannie Mae foundation ( are the most suitable grant providers. ESG provides $115 Billion per year for the non-profit organizations and the grants are nationwide. Although, Fannie Mae and Sara Lee foundations provide nationwide support, they have regional privileges (e.g., Chicago). The aim of Hope's Home to provide nationwide services; therefore, ESG is chosen. ESG provides shelter operating expenses, essential services (supportive services concerned with employment, health, and education), and homelessness prevention activities. The first step for application for the grant would be preparing a letter of inquires to clarify the questions and gather as much as possible information and contacts.

Hope's Home Organization


October 15, 2010

Susan Ziff

451 7th Street, SW,

(202) [HIDDEN] ext. 5464

Hope's Home


Problem Statement

The global issues in the finance and job….....

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