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I. Executive summary

Santé Nou—is a Travel Care Voucher and affordable healthcare plan that offers family members in Haiti access to primary health care. This comprehensive marketing strategic plan should provide a roadmap for the pre-pilot phase with its customer-focused objectives. While many organizations have difficulty communicating and connecting with Haitian consumers both in Haiti and in the United States with Haitian Americans, experience and understanding for this specific target population allows for a thorough representation of what can be done to not only reach this target demographic, but also achieve specific goals.

Those specific goals involve regular primary care visits and ease of access to important emergency medical services to help prevent major medical issues, while also promoting healthy living. To deliver positive outcomes in health for Haitians is to provide the kind of service that can help change lives for the better. Although Santé Nou is not a Major Medical Plan, it is a primary healthcare plan providing access to private primary care visits in Haiti for members. This may, in the future, cover emergency visits. However, as the results of a brief survey suggest, some problems within Haiti can make travel to and from points difficult. One main concern raised was lack of fuel for transportation.

While there are real hurdles in combating negative health outcomes in countries like Haiti, there are potential solutions. Santé Nou may be one of those solutions, but it requires knowing the problems within Haiti to combat the hurdles that come from employing any novel idea to a target population. These hurdles exist and will continue to exist for any project. However, the expertise and skill of ADA can provide the kind of experience needed to overcome such hurdles. The main objective is to help and heal people in Haiti through an affordable and high-quality healthcare plan. That plan is the Primary Healthcare Plan coupled with the Travel Care Voucher Program to enable transportation for medical treatment.


Historically, healthcare institutions provide broad and general access to high quality services based on: a form or subscription, fee per payment, or healthcare insurance available. However, since Haiti ranked low when it comes to healthcare in the world. Such information led to Santé Nou realizing a unique opportunity to change the trajectory of Healthcare for the Island Nation.

The first step is the determination of the institution mission or purpose, whether that mission is still valid and useful, and how the institution is viewed by its various publics - contributors. Strategic Marketing Healthcare planning must be approached with the idea that it is a dynamic process rather than a set of fixed or increasing subscriptions. Its final goal for hospitals, are efficient healthcare services and quality at a justified level of price. A diversified program with exceptional physicians and satisfied patients must be established as a first step and high priority.

Due to lack of enough and proper healthcare in Haiti, Haitians suffer from diseases that can easily be prevented. For example, type II diabetes remains a prevalent and preventative issue in Haiti (Jean-Baptiste et al., 2006). A 2006 study by Fondation Haïtienne de Diabète et de Maladies Cardio-vasculaires indicated that Haitians living in Port-au-Prince have a significant sized population with diabetes. Women with 8.9% and men, 4.8%. 90% of those identified with diabetes have type II diabetes (Jean-Baptiste et al., 2006). Because Haiti is a country lacking in resources, it is therefore important to help those with these kinds of conditions get the high-quality of care they deserve.

The process of image-changing through marketing healthcare planning is designed to take time, careful curriculum planning, and possibly even mission adjustments, but may be a potential part of the solution regarding helping Haitians acquire healthcare.
There is a growing need to understand the complex problem of healthcare in Haiti. For example, some believe there are insufficient hospitals in Haiti, but a new study by the World Bank suggests the problem isn’t a lack of hospitals, but instead a dearth of primary care as well a lack of public investment in health care.

According to the report, the annual per capita public health spending in Haiti is $13, compared with $781 in nearby Cuba and $180 in the Dominican Republic, Haiti’s neighbor on the island of Hispaniola. Public investment in health care has plummeted from 16.6 percent of the total Haitian government budget in 2004, showing the path to better healthcare has declined rather than improved.

It is not surprising that poverty leads to poor health in a nation. But looking closely, the effects of poverty are multi-layered, creating a spiral that is difficult to get out of. People cannot afford to pay for a visit to the doctor and even if they could, there is not enough investment in healthcare for proper preventative and primary care services. In rural areas of Haiti, such problems are worse due to transportation cost. Sometimes people do not have the money for fuel to get to the one clinic or hospital available to them in these areas, for miles (Farmer, 2012).

Perhaps with careful planning and tackling main problems like lack of health insurance, such actions can lead to an overall improved outlook for healthcare in Haiti. Through the Travel Care Voucher Program and Primary Healthcare Plan, Haitians will have health insurance and the travel arrangements necessary to receive proper medical treatment.

II. The Need for Santé Nou

The need for primary healthcare services in Haiti was clearly identified in the research studies conducted by Alix Desulme & Associates,. The more recent data and information obtained for the focus group and survey continued to support this need. The following sections provide an overview of the current conditions that support the need for the Travel Care Voucher Program along with Primary Healthcare Plan, the challenges that must be overcome or at least mitigated for the plan to be successful, and the opportunities for addressing challenges and successfully implementing the comprehensive Travel Care Voucher and Primary Healthcare Plan.

Assessment of the Current Situation

The current situation in Haiti expressed by the Santé Nou Focus report is that Haitians are willing to spend in a range of $5-$8 a month for Emergency Care Services along with Primary Care Services. Furthermore, Haitians have stated they lack key preventative services and would like health insurance for themselves and their families. They also prefer face-to-face communication and value U.S. based management. Such information reveals the need to adjust communication with Haitians to suit their personal and cultural needs.

Challenges and Opportunities

The challenges arise in the lack of infrastructure in Haiti (Ray, 2016). Haiti lacks hospitals and clinics to handle the healthcare needs of the population. Although this is a challenge, it presents an opportunity as well. The Travel Care Voucher will enable Haitians to reach a location where they can receive proper medical treatment.

III. Focus Group & Survey Results


The total number of participants were 56. 20 respondents are male and 36, female. The participants live in various parts of Florida like Miami, Boca Raton, Miami Gardens, and Delray Beach. Most of the participants….....

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