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Statistics and Research Method for Business Decisions

Potential of Fitness Industry

Fitness industries today are increasingly receiving clients from all sorts of demographics and ages. Human fitness is turning out to be an asset that people are taking every effort to ensure it is preserved and protected at all times. The fitness standards are essential because they are multifaceted but appear to converge towards the need for a long healthy life characterized by productivity and reduced vulnerabilities. Fitness is a concern for almost every individual in the world today and the reasons are diverse and varied depending on one's goals and aspirations. Every individual in the world, across all ages, aspires to be healthy for some reasons. For instance, every individual seeks to be healthy so that they can engage freely in almost everything that requires a healthy body system (Jacobsen, 2011). Human health is a concern for attacks from infections. Thus, every individual will desire and work hard to keep up with the need to be fit to have a body system that is fit enough to fight off infections of any kind. Having a healthy body resembles having a fit body. People train their bodies for different reasons and engagements, most of which are imperative to the overall health of the families and the society as a whole (Biller, 2002).

People desire to be athletic, something which pulls them towards engaging in fitness programs. Being athletic enables them to engage in different sporting activities and feel happy and self-esteemed. The desire to have a body figure and composure that enables one to be confident in life and front of others also make many people seek fitness programs. People are aroused by the desire to keep fit and avoid infections that are detrimental to their state of being, like avoiding high blood pressures and obesity.
Other people just want to be fit as a way of standing a chance to have self-defense mechanisms and post courage at all times (Biller, 2002).

For the study to succeed, it is necessary to have a clear methodology that will be effective and efficient to collect every detail of data that will be instrumental in bringing about the comprehensive study. The study will adopt a quantitative and non-experimental causal-comparative research design. A survey study will be done to acquire data from respondents within their areas of residence or place of work. For instance, while targeting a sample of about one hundred students, the researcher will place an advert in a school newspaper or the school noticeboards requesting them to participate willingly (Ferkel, Stodden, Judge, Griffin, & Hamman, 2015). Anyone who agrees to take part in the interview will be asked to read and sign an informed consent form before participating and promised their complete anonymity. Data is required essentially for a wide field of study. Therefore, it will be necessary to follow the right procedures to acquire the necessary data and make sure that the data collected is credible (Brehm-Curtis, 2014). Respondents will be identified using random and stratified sampling techniques. The samples collected and used will be approximated so that they represent the larger population in which the conclusions will be based.

To get the data, questionnaires will be designed, closed and open-ended so that they stand a better chance of acquiring a universal data that is a representative of the larger population. Moreover, data will be obtained from referenced materials like historical and newspapers representing older researches done and approved previously (Brehm-Curtis, 2014). Data from such fields will….....

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