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Homeopathic Remedies for Pregnant Women

Before delving into the use of homeopathic remedies by pregnant women, it is instructive to review the report published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Center explains that there is "inadequate evidence" that medications (some of them homeopathic) offered on 25 Internet sites are safe. Some of them present "fetal risks," the CDC reports. For example, 43% of the 103 components listed as "safe" on those 25 Internet sites, the research standards used by the CDC could not verify that indeed, those 103 components are safe (Peters, et al., 2013). Hence, it behooves pregnant women to use great care and reach out for good medical resources when using homeopathic remedies.

The First Trimester

Doctor Jennifer Worden is a general practitioner in the UK, and a member of the British Homeopathic Association (BHA). She explains that during the first few weeks of pregnancy, the woman expects to feel "nausea or sickness," sometimes women actually vomit. To help the woman with the nausea, Worden suggests taking "Cocculus indica" (made from the cockle flower), three times daily (the dosage is 30c). And if the nausea is more serious in the morning ("morning sickness"), and taking small amounts of food makes the women ill, Worden recommends "Nux vomica" (same dose as Coddulus indica), and "Sepia" which can prevent ongoing sickness (Worden, 2011).

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The Homeopathy Center (HC) recommends Nux Vomica as well, especially when the pregnant woman first wakes up. The HC also suggests taking "Sepia" (in particular when the woman is exhausted and indifferent "to loved ones." Women carrying babies often complain of heartburn, because hormonal changes tend to "relax the esophagus"; and the HC suggests "Pulsatilla" to remedy heartburn.

The Second Trimester

Dr. Worden notes that during the second trimester women complain of backaches; the womb is growing and the pelvis is enlarging, stretching the ligaments. For this issue, Worden recommends "Kali carbonicum" (up to four times a day; 6c). If the woman feels better by lying on a hard surface, Worden says "Natrum muriatcum" could be helpful (same dose, 6c). When constipation becomes a problem (typically the baby adds pressure to the bowels), Worden recommends taking "Lycopodium" (6c, four times a day) to hasten bowel movements.

Another typical symptom during the second trimester is varicose veins; Worden explains that a "twice daily dosage of Pulsatilla (6c) should….....

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