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HK Cares

The author of this report has been asked to describe and detail a community partner that shall be the basis for further research and description. Several important facets and traits of the organization will be mentioned. Those items will include the name of the organization, a brief history of the organization, the mission statement of the organization, the vision statement of the organization, the populations that the organization serves, the public policy areas that the group focuses on, the geographic area that is served by the group and the role that volunteers play when it comes to the organization. While HK Cares is not the largest or best communication organization in Hong Kong, they are certainly a part of what helps the community and makes it feel and live better.


As noted in the introduction, the name of the organization is HK Cares. HK is short for Hong Kong, which is the location of the organization in terms of geography. Hong Kong, of course, is an island that is part of the larger country of China. The group was founded by a man named Dr. Patrick Khoo. Dr. Khoo used to be a professor at Hong Kong University. However, he is now solely a professional doctor and he uses his resources and talents to help those that need it. The group serves the elderly in the different hospitals around the Hong Kong area. In the applicable hospitals, the group serves as caregivers for those elderly people in ways that the hospitals are unable to provide, for whatever reason.
The author of this report will be on duty with the group a total of five days a week every week. Not only are the people served in the hospitals in Hong Kong, the foundation in question above is located there as well. In other words, the foundation, the service and operation of the foundation is entirely local and domestic in nature. Further, the service area is specifically in the Hong Kong area and in no other part of China, which is a rather large and populous nation. The efforts and giving of HK Cares focuses on both public and private hospitals in Hong Kong. The group is certainly not limited based on profit motive (or lack thereof) or the people or agency that has a controlling interest in the hospital and its operations.

The mission and vision statements for the foundation are fairly basic and easy to understand. As one might expect, they both center on the care that is to be furnished and provided. The mission statement, as is the norm, focuses on the present. By contrast, the vision statement is more about where the foundation wants to be in the future. Even with the difference between the two, the chords that are struck should obviously be related. The only main difference would be the time horizon in question. With that in mind, the mission statement of HK Cares is to “provide expedient and expansive care to the elderly within Hong Kong area hospitals in a way that is caring, empathetic, efficient and useful”. The….....

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