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.....uncommon for separate groups to hold differing opinions on value. However, it becomes a huge challenge when these opinions have no form of correlation with each other. An example is on the topic of the best valuation method to implement or even worse is when the future predictions are totally different from each other (Thuy Vu Nga & Kamolrat, 2007).

Example case:

Concerning the problems of the project team, two members who were questioned made clear their problems with the large volume of work which they had to finish in no time. Another team member talked up the problems of communication with the client, third party specialists, business partners and their employees. Once more, the issue of the true worth of the company was brought up. This time, it was specifically on the disparity between the worth of the enterprise calculated by the bank and the independent accountants with "the bank valuing the enterprise based on the market and the accountants valuing it based on theoretical methods like the DCF."


In most cases, the major function of the management sector charged with change during the process of integration is communication. This function could make change management seem a bit needless as communication is only focused on the verdict of other panels without having any effect on decisions on its own. Culture could be earmarked as a main obstacle of change management and in this case, its responsibility towards bringing about integration cannot be overemphasized (Miller & Fernandes, 2009).

Case Example:

This method, when applied on a just concluded merger of pharmaceutical companies, was about 40% more effective in identifying collaborations than an intensive and structured spreadsheet-based method. Normally, a day or two are taken aside for meetings aimed at identifying mechanisms for achieving collaboration objectives and then building these processes.
The participating groups come up with suggestions on the best process for meeting these targets and then they evaluate the collected data to check whether the process is feasible. Lastly, they think of ways of improving the selected process. The aim of the meeting is to identify ingenious views and their problems with no attention paid to digits (Deutsch & West, 2010).


Merged conglomerates have the ability to consider more major cases in order to compare them, reapply their data to other cases or for publication. The ones who are yet to carry out any case studies can organize a pioneer case in order to understand the mechanism of case studies and the sort of exciting results it can give. After this initial case, other cases can be evaluated using similar processes to the other companies who have carried out several studies. The important fact is that carrying out studies on correlating cases will help build research collaboration more effectively compared to non-correlating cases of different occurrences. Successive case evaluations could start with an initial case publication, closely followed by an evaluation of two combined cases (Bengtsson & Larsson, 2012).

Case Example:

When Daaichi and Sankyo merged, the aim they passed across to the employees was that they wanted to increase their market share in the American pharmaceutical industry. After interviewing the employees, it was clear that they do not see this as a sufficient reason. They later came together to form a group with their aim being to "add to the balance of life."….....

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Bengtsson, L., & Larsson, R. (2012). Researching Mergers & Acquisitions with the Case Study Method. Sweden: Center for Strategic Innovation Studies.

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