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A philosophy of leadership provides the set of guiding principles throughout the initial US Army Military Training, establishing the framework and foundation from which I will develop a cohesive and strong leader identity. One of the main purposes of cultivating a leadership philosophy now is to determine the set of values from which I will not waver, even as circumstances and situations require flexibility in my responses and creative thinking in my decisions. Another purpose of developing a philosophy of leadership now is that it will allow me to empower others, inspiring them to also rise to every occasion as military leaders. My philosophy of leadership will also enhance my self-concept, as I improve my communications competencies. Strong military leaders are able to provide constructive feedback and support, inspiring trust and raising morale. As an emerging leader, I intend to be at the forefront of change, helping others to remove fear and resistance in order to prepare the American military, and the Army specifically, to face and overcome future challenges. My leadership philosophy is grounded in the principles of servant leadership, which supports my leader identity as someone who values the overarching goals and mission of the organization.

The philosophy of leadership comprises the important elements of vision, values, and strategy.

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Values inform vision, and vision informs strategic planning. Vision is about “standards of excellence, purpose and direction,” (Leboeuf 1999, 1). Leadership is central to the mission command philosophy, as outlined in the ADRP 6-0. The principles of mission command require a combination of visionary skills with the pragmatic ability to command, manage, and control. Effective military leadership is not about authoritarian, rigid, coercive command and control but about transforming others through shared mission, values, and visions. Within my philosophical framework as a leader, I recognize the greater potential in inspiring others with intrinsic motivation than in relying on dogmatic methods that can deflate morale and decrease the potential for collaborative and creative decision making and critical thought.

In fact, my leadership philosophy depends on the ability to continually communicate with purpose. Developing others means remaining attuned to their needs, empowering others to understand the unifying purpose of any operation. Thus empowered with knowledge, individuals can make informed decisions that promote the end results of the initiative. The “science of control,” which is a key component of the ADRP 6.0 mission command protocol, involves both appropriate information and….....

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