How Policy Administration Can Make or Break Education Essay

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Policy Administration

My vision for positive social change in the context of my professional and academic goals is to empower marginalized communities and the society as a whole through social change. I believe that in the present day, our existence in the society ought to be dignified. All people should be able to freely and fully exercise their human rights, gain accessibility to basic needs and also experience economic security. In the present day, different populations experience discrimination, for instance women facing prejudice at the workplace and also tribal sects such as the Aboriginal facing discrimination and ostracizing. Therefore, my vision for social change takes into account empowering the communities that are not only marginalized but also disadvantaged. Marginalized groups in different expenses, for instance tribal individuals, unorganized workforces, peasants, dalits, as well as women are all in the present day engaged in a tussle for power to attain equality in the society. Taking this into consideration, I believe that empowerment signifies the optimisms and hopes of the marginalized groups for a social setting that is free of discriminations and inequities disapproving them in different aspects of life.

Walden University’s mission and vision can help me achieve my goals.

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The vision of the university is the visualization of a characteristically dissimilar contemporary learning community where knowledge is adjudicated as being well-intentioned to the extent that it is applicable by its graduates to the instantaneous solutions of essential social problems, as a result progressing the greater good from an international perspective. The mission of Walden University is to make available a community of career professionals with the prospect of changing themselves as scholar-practitioners in order for theme to effect positive social change Walden University, 2014). In this regard, the vision and mission of the university will aid me in accomplishing my goals in the sense that the institution provides an intelligently extensive and socially positive basis for the programs, research, professional activities as well as different aspects generated by the academic community at Walden. Furthermore, the university supports positive social change by means of the institution and advancement of upright, well-informed, and ethical scholar-practitioners, who not only are but also come to be public and professional role models through the evolving of the furtherance of society (Walden University, 2014).

The Public Policy and Administration program that I am currently studying is educating and training me for a career….....

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