How Technology Affects Career Development Essay

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Technology on Career Pursuit

Technology has significantly transformed how people interact in the modern society through enhancing communication and generating other changes. Technology has basically affected nearly facet of the society including learning or professional development. Given its impact on the society, technology is an external factor that has had significant impact on my career pursuits and professional development initiatives. In essence, technology has become a valuable tool or factor in my career pursuits because of its impact on learning. The value/impact of technology in career development is an important issue of investigation because of it has become prevalent in the educational field. Moreover, the significance of investigating this issue is attributable to the prevalence of technology in the modern society. Technology has impacted my career pursuits through providing numerous career development opportunities, generating tools to enhance my communication skills, and increasing my career prospects.

One of the ways technology has impacted my career pursuits is through providing expansive range of possibilities for enhancing career development. According to Farren (2012), technology has provided numerous tools through which individuals can learn what's going on in their respective professions. The expansive range of possibilities brought by technology include ability to analyze issues and trends that shape future work and career development.

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In this regard, technology has enabled me to learn issues and trends affecting my career. Additionally, technology has provided different platforms through which I learn about existing opportunities in my profession. Secondly, technology has provided me with different tools to improve my communication skills, which is crucial in my professional development. There are numerous technological tools that are currently available to help in improving social interactions. The improved communication skills have in turn enriched my professional skills and enhanced my career prospects. Through technology and the enhanced communication skills, I have been able to create a network of professionals. This network of professionals has played a major role in enriching my profession/career since they enable me to learn the practical aspects relating to my work or career. In light of the prevalence of technology, I've had to embrace technological tools in my learning and professional development initiatives. This process has involved changing my perceptions about technological tools and embracing as crucial elements in career development. I spend significant amount of my time on the Internet on a regular basis to learn about the different issues and trends in….....

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