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This section presents the findings of the research study. To begin with, a brief depiction of the participants is provided. Next, participants’ responses to the survey questions are reported, along with interpretation of the findings. The responses are presented in accordance with the research objectives specified in the problem statement section. The study aimed to: 1) to determine how lack employee turnover affects project quality and delivery in particular, project completion date 2) to identify problems in the small business that contribute to poor employee retention 3) to determine the how employee motivation affects retention 4) to identify the status of the internal and external environment and how it influences human retention.

Description of Participants

In total, six individuals participated in the qualitative interview. All of the participants were randomly selected from Quantech Services Inc., a small enterprise offering superior quality consulting services and products in the following areas: Cyber Security, Program Management, Financial and Cost Management, and Engineering Services, to governmental clients such as the DoD (defense department).The personnel specifically emanated from the company’s project managers, the human resources division and also individuals constituting a project team. The obtained responses were read and analyzed numerous times to ascertain themes. Subsequently, the themes were reported and discussed as follows.

Employee Motivation

One of the key objectives of the study was to determine the manner in which employee motivation impacts retention. The responses from the participants indicated that motivational factors, for example, employee salary, remumeration as well as fringe benefits were ranked as being the most significant to the labor force of the organization followed by job security in addition to the relationship with superiors and colleagues.

One of the participants stated the following:

“A key motivational factor for remaining within the organization is not only the compensation given but also the benefits.
I believe that the work undertaken by an employee should match the compensation granted. In addition, being part of the productivity levels of the organization, benefits should be granted to the employee in recognition of such efforts”

Participant 5 also stated that:

“One of the main aspects that motivates me to stay within an organization takes into account being given the opportunity to grow and develop. Being given the chance to advance one’s career is a personal motivating factor as this facilitates the achievement of goals and ambitions”

The outcomes of the motivational factors indicates that the compensation and fringe benefits, job security and safety, association with fellow workers, magnitude of respect and impartial treatment from supervisors were deemed as the most significant to the workforce in the organization and closely followed by promotional prospects and training and development. The inference of this is that these elements need to be augmented in the organization. Enhancing these benefits will augment workforce satisfaction and employee retentions and therefore guaranteeing meeting the goals and objectives of the organization (Umamaheswari and Krishnan, 2016).

Work-Life Balance

The findings of the study also indicated that work-life balance is an imperative aspect in guaranteeing employee retention. The findings of the survey support the theoretical relationship between work-life conflict and attitudes associated to employee withdrawal. Particularly, the findings of the study indicate that a small constructive correlation between both work to life and vice versa from life to work conflict and turnover intents, and a small adverse association between both ways of conflict and organizational dedication. The findings of the study indicate the significance of acknowledging the work-life apprehensions….....

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