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Research Project

User research has a common objective. It is meant to clarify research finding. It follows, therefore, that what we present should be readily understandable by the consumer/the audience. The important players should be able to grasp the import fast. The developers should be enabled to catch the details so that they can take action. Similarly, the presentation medium we apply is critical. The common presentation mediums such as PowerPoint or MS Word might be helpful only in some situations. Other situations may demand more sophisticated mediums such as the spreadsheets and story boards. If we are to make effective presentation, it is important to merge the three aspects, i.e. the medium, the message and the audience (Mistry, 2012).

Just like it is important for a designer to understand their client, researchers should understand who their research is meant for. If we are to come up with the best approach to presentation you will have to understand your audience and what role they play in the presentation, what your presentation should focus on and how you relate with them. The cycle of development for adoption should also be clear to the presenter. Primarily, if the audience has repeat and new stakeholders, it is better to provide an executive summary via email.

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A Link to the project research should also be provided in the email (Mistry, 2012).

It is easy to create an executive summary email. The central element is to only include the important details and avoid the nuances of research. Your executive summary should contain a brief description of the goal, the demographics of those that participate, methodology and the findings worth noting. Medium level issues and even the more complex ones can be put in a bullet list along with the comments from participants including snippets of video. If it is possible, task the ratings of success and the studied metrics, the recommendations and what should be done next (Mistry, 2012).

Prior to your results being considered on a serious note, you must establish credibility. One of the fastest ways to gain the confidence of your audience is to make a sensible and tailored presentation. If you are dealing with an audience that is new or one that is not familiar with the experience of the user, you are well advised to use PowerPoint in text form. Find out whether they find your….....

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