Impact of Organized Crime Essay

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Organized Crime and Its Impact

What are some of the ways that organized crime impacts you and a community or city (of your choice) directly?

Organized crime details a conspiracy among criminal elements who wish to enter into an enterprise engaged in illegal activities as a way of generating dirty money (Dirks & Snyman, 2010). An organized crime is organized as a group with a structure that is similar to some pyramid hierarchy. The groups employ bribery and violence to ensure their operations continue. They also use retribution threats to ensure they maintain external and internal control in the community, and mobilization and thievery to acquire political power during campaigns in order to get immunity from prosecution and exposure (Dirks & Snyman, 2010). The activities of organized crime groups include gun running, kidnapping to get ransom, vehicle theft, smuggling, racketeering, prostitution, pornography, fraud related to credit cards, illegal gambling, narcotics trade, and insurance fraud.

Organized crime has domestic and global consequences on the economy, political environment, social environment, and commercial environments. Financial security, safety systems, and healthcare are some of the most adversely affected areas by organized crime. Economic crimes from organized crime have monumental financial consequences on any society. Organized crime consequences extend beyond monetary consequences as well. Corruption, intimidation, and violence are primary characteristics of organized crime. Organized crime will characteristically affect the security and solace of any community, neighborhood, and home. Human rights to order, good governance, and peace are fundamentally affected by organized crime activities. Organized crime corrupts the political system as well as the governance structure of any society, diminishes the life quality of the community, puts the security of the people at risk, and disrupts family life.

As an individual, organized crime has made it very hard to live in a secure, safe, and cohesive neighborhood. Normal commercial activity is slowed down because potential investors think it is very risky to start business or run already existing business enterprises. Organized crime leads the society of the ability to flourish.
With organized crime the society becomes lawless especially when the organized criminal groups have taken control over the political and economic environments. Where the organized crime group is dominant, most people in the community who are not part of the organized crime group end up finding it hard to live their life normally.

In the American society transnational organized crime groups involved in drug smuggling and drug trafficking have infiltrated the American society with cocaine,…

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…in the community, reduce the number of deaths, and resolve conflicts between criminal gangs. The funds set aside by the City have made it possible to expand the scope of work into more Chicago neighborhoods (Childress, 2012).The participation and support of the community has been fundamental in the reduction of violence. Often violence has been synonymous with Chicago.

Compare your findings to the effects of organized crime in China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, England, France, and Germany on their people. What similarities or differences exist? Explain.

The levels of organized crime in countries like Saudi Arabia, Japan, and China are significantly lower than Chicago. This is because the youths have been given no space to be idle or hang around and about without any constructive responsibilities. The communities in these countries have also remained vigilant reporting any suspicious activities to the law enforcement authorities. In Germany the influx of asylum seekers and widespread political extremism has given rise to organized crime against asylum seekers and against rival political groups. Organized crime in England may entail credit card fraud, drug smuggling, child trafficking etc. (Perry, 2018). In most of these countries organized crime is not as high compared to Chicago. The only similarities are that in all circumstances insecurity,….....

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