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Information Technology Issues

It could help me to identify my customer base and target them. Data as a Service platforms for marketing verticals are instrumental in providing this sort of assistance (Harper, 2016). I can use the cloud for infrastructure purposes in general, as well.

Information systems are both a strategic weapon and a survival tool. They are strategic in that they are a viable means to effect competitive advantage. They are survival tools because one must have them to serve customers today.

Information Silos
Information silos are individual databases or data marts not connected to other data assets (Harper, 2016). Enterprise integration application systems and ERP systems provide a holistic means of organization-wide integration with top down views.

Topic 2: Customer Relationship Management

CRM systems help organizations by mastering data pertaining to a specific domain, typically customer or product (Harper, 2016). They provide a centralized platform for this data with uniform modeling and inherent data governance and quality capabilities as well.


Topic 1: Big Data

Big data is assisting organizations by providing more data sources, types and amounts of data to contextualize analytics and influence decision-making (Harper, 2016).
It appears to be a threat to everyone's privacy because of the pervasive data collection and storage involved.

Topic 2: Managing Knowledge

Knowledge capture and management is critical because it allows for an improvement of business processes based on fact. Tacit knowledge is harder to work with because it is less verifiable than explicit knowledge from an empirical standpoint.


Topic 1: Intelligence, Design, Choice

Intelligence typically involves analyzing the market and how one's entry to it can affect it. Design involves architecting a business model, supply chain, customer base, and other parts of business. Choice requires making decisions about options for these.

Topic 2: Business Intelligence Systems

The chief strategic benefits of BI systems is the statiscally proven, analytic facts they provide. They are a preferable means to the intuitive decision-making of the past. They influence decisions by providing empirical evidence in the form of data.


Topic 1: Getting a New System


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