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The client will be speaking at a Holiday Inn at a rally for the 2nd Amendment supporters. A separate group of anti-gun protestors has already announced that it will picket the event. A third group of white nationalists has also pledged to come to the event to protest against the anti-gun protestors. Anti-Trump protestors have announced on Facebook that they too will be protesting the event and picketing with the anti-gun protestors. Parkland students are also set to arrive bringing the media in tow. Four death threats have been sent to the Holiday Inn, threatening it with violence should the rally proceed. Both the Holiday Inn and the client and rally organizers are determined to proceed with the event. Therefore, in order to protect the client, it is necessary to provide maximum security. This paper will discuss the proper security procedures that will be implemented in order to protect the client.

Pre-screening the venue is crucial. This will include a screening of the inner, outer and middle perimeters. Vulnerabilities will be noted with regard to vendors, arrivals, trucks, mail, trash collection, and service. The use of security video cameras as well as the installation of alternatives where necessary will be employed to ensure that all ingress and egress routes are monitored in advance of the speaking event. The facilities connected to the hall and packages will also be inspected.

Upon the client’s arrival, the lane will be secured and an alternate arrival route will be planned in case the primary arrival route is compromised. The client wishes to arrive at the hotel’s lobby entrance so that he can make an appearance before his fans and his protestors. Photographers will be on the scene and must be cordoned off along with media tracking the protesters and picketers.
Vehicle flow must be efficient as guests to the speech will be arriving and their ingress into the hotel’s parking lot must be guided away from the two routes provided for the client. Guest parking will be re-directed along a separate course that does not connect with or interfere with the ingress and egress routes of the client.

Support from the FBI local field office is expected as the Bureau has been notified of the potential conflicts that may arise as well as of the death threats lodged against the Holiday Inn. Their support will come in the form of gathering intelligence, communications, and management in terms of having an intelligence expert stationed at the Bureau’s command center.

The venue’s critical infrastructure and utilities must also be reviewed: public trash cans will be removed, manhole covers will be welded shut, and the media will be advised on the importance of keeping citizens safe through timely and affective alerts if necessary. Local fire, EMS, and hospitals will be on alert in case an emergency develops and their support is required.

The security team will be responsible for coordinating with local agencies and facilities to secure the event, guiding traffic, configuring ingress and egress routes for the client, planning emergency routes should they be needed, keeping picketers and protestors at a safe distance from the hotel’s entrance, communicating with the FBI’s intelligence expert, working with local city workers to remove potential risks, secure manhole covers, and dispense of public trash receptacles till the event’s conclusion. The team will also be responsible for monitoring….....

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