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Analytical Report on Jeff Bezos Leadership Skills

According to an interview carried out by Bloomberg Business Week (2004), Jeff Bezos mentioned that “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. An individual earns reputation through trying to do difficult things effortlessly.” Amazon’s CEO is famous for his distinctive and innovative manner of approach and his business culture as one of the biggest leaders over the universe currently.

Dimensions of Organizational Culture

According to Kantor and Streitfeld (2015), Amazon corporate culture forces the workers to surpass the conventional constraints and traditions to establish not only authentic perceptions but also solutions. As the leading online retailer, the organization carries on to discover the fresh and innovative talent. The CEO of Amazon follows a management based on values where the management appears to force employees to act in a particular and unusual way (Skeet, 2015). Nonetheless, for Amazon to sustain a capable workforce, it must strengthen its institutional philosophy to structure the advancement of human resources for long-term rivalry benefits (Kantor & Streitfeld, 2015). Many professionals drew the attention regarding the challenges that Amazon is experiencing now.

The company is recognized for its organizational culture that drives workers to take risks and seek fresh and innovative ideas. The traditional occurrence is accountable for the organization’s capability to search fresh and innovative chances to employ data-intensive procedures to issue productive online retail service. Amazon’s prosperity is scaled against the possible and not the probable and unreliable aspects as it holds that ‘it is our duty and responsibility to make bold belts, and we get our strength from designing on behalf of consumers.’

Amazon’s traditional attributes have the benefit of endorsing invention. For instance, confidence and uniqueness support fresh and innovations perceptions to enhance e-commerce industry. Another benefit relates to focus on enhancing customer satisfaction. Nonetheless, one of the greatest shortcomings relates to the company’s tradition of inflicting excessive pressure on human resource, particularly in taking a confident and unique non-tradition style in executing their duties and responsibilities (Skeet, 2015).
Despite the benefit gained from the employees’ exemplary performance, the adverse effects on their physical and social well-being are unwarranted.

Challenges and Opportunities resulting from Change and Innovation

For the shortcomings and chances influencing from invention and transformation, different from Google, Microsoft, and Apple, Amazon is not preoccupied with a strictly formulated environment of interlocking applications and services. The CEO instead prefers platforms that each serves its consumers in the finest and quickest possible manners. Although Amazon may appear to be having an excellent image to the customers, employees have a different story to tell. Employees are pushed to deliver beyond their limits, and this may be harmful to the welfare in some instances. With the limitation on the number of people allowed to talk to the press, such information can rarely be known. Kantor and Streitfeld (2015) mentioned how people who had suffered miscarriages or diagnosed with terminal diseases were not given time to recover. Whereas people may like the idea of being pushed to exceed their limits, Bezo’s strategies might be extreme and harmful.

Amazon’s CEO wants to behave with the urgency of the startup it once was. For him to respond immediately, he tracks an assortment of direction for “high-velocity decision making” he stated out in his yearly letter to investors. He encourages his workers to trace them, and they contain safe codes for any competitive company. The CEO states that the employees should not wait for all the information before acting upon that matter. Many judgments should be formulated with only around 70% of the data an employee requires; if the worker waits for 90% of the information, and then inevitably he or she is moving too slowly (Skeet, 2015). Evidently, a well-managed organization can change for….....

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