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Jerzee Fresh

The author of this report has been asked to construct a business plan and analysis relating to a hypothetical non-alcoholic beverage (NAB) company. In this case, the company will be Jerzee Fresh. It will focus on drinks that are made entirely of organic fruits and vegetables. As might already be obvious, the drink will be geared towards people in the community that are healthy and active. Included in this analysis will be the significance of the name, the revise mission statement and the justification for its components, a few reasons why this particular NAB was selected, a SWOT analysis of the new brand, a strategic position that will be taken and an overview of the distribution channels that will exist. Something else that should be mentioned are regulatory risks and a few other items. While the healthy drink industry is getting very crowded, this is indeed because there is a marked market shift towards the same and now is the time to carve out a name for Jerzee Fresh.


Basis for Name

The key part of the company name, as one might guess, would be the "fresh" half. Indeed, many people are very concerned about the safety and freshness of the fruit and vegetables that they consume. In the time of companies like Monsanto and technologies or methods such as GMO, people are growing more and more concerned about what is in the fruits and vegetables (let alone anything else) that we are eating.

Revised Mission Statement

The revised mission statement of the shall be "The mission of Jerzee Fresh is to provide pure and fresh fruit and vegetable-based drinks that are free of GMO, antibiotics and other artificial presences or methods so as to deliver all of the desired health benefits of these foods without all of the extra substances.

Trends in NAB Industry & Reasons for NAB Choice

If there is one trend within the NAB industry that must be mentioned, it would be that soda drinks of all sorts have seemed to have hit an apex in terms of sales (Balakrishnan, 2015). Just as fast food firms of yesteryear like Mcdonald's and Burger King are struggling to keep raising year-over-year sales, much the same thing is happening with soft drink giants like Pepsi and Coca-Cola and the soda-based drinks that they sell. A related trend is that those same soda companies are seeing the writing on the wall, so to speak, and they have previously diversified into other NAB drink categories such as energy drinks (e.g. Amp), juice, sports drinks (e.g. Powerade) and so on (Clark, 2014). Three reasons why the author of this response chose the Jerzee Fresh name is no GMO or other artificial processes or methods, no non-necessary antibiotics and it is not soda. Indeed, it is healthy, safe and good for the people that are drinking it and there is really no doubt about this, even if the verdict is out on GMO and a few other things.

Strategic Position

The primary strategic position that will be used by Jerzee Fresh is certainly not unique to Jerzee Fresh but it should still serve as a….....

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