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Motivation of Baltimore City Police Department

Proposed changes

In order to keep the officers motivated and reduce crime rate, these proposed policies will aim at aiding their understanding of how valuable and important they are and the indispensable function they perform in order for the department's objectives to be achieved. The strategies will employ Herzberg Hygiene theory, which debates that two major factors exist that people consider when highly motivated; the factors associated with job satisfaction and those related to job discontent as well as the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory; "Motivational needs vary from the essential biological needs such as food, air etc. to self-fulfilment".

The proposed policies are:

Efficient internal interaction and commendation for successful jobs.

Information should be concise and understandable when being presented and it also needs to be modified based on the role of its recipient officer. When an officer's commendable work is announced or when he/she is personally recognized by the boss and presented with a plaque, this could cause a massive motivational boost for everyone in the department.

Developing a close relationship between the officers and the departmental bosses.

This would involve keeping track of all the important events in the lives of the officers such as sicknesses, weddings, baby births and funerals. Equally, there should be an active effort to have continual direct contact with the officers of the department.

Recognizing and appreciating the skills of every officer.

This can be achieved by involving officers into the decision-making process of the department.
This will not only boost their morale, it will equally aid their job performance because when the officers who man the frontline are in support of a plan, it is sure that such a plan will be carried out flawlessly.

Implementation plan

First, the existing condition of the department will be evaluated. This will be carried out via spontaneous and indifferent chats in order for the officers to freely and truthfully express the challenges they encounter. Next, these challenges which the officers encounter daily such as communication problems or uncomfortable policies would be solved. After this, then there would be an establishment of processes aimed at enhancing job effectiveness such as favourable policies, clear and effectual instruction chain etc. The final step will involve the integration of motivational programs and methods of keeping motivation levels among the officers high.


Timeline (months)

Status analysis

Removals of barriers

Institution of strategies

Motivation strategies

Review and modification


TO: The Staff, Baltimore City Police Department

DATE: June 24, 2017

SUBJECT: Motivation of Baltimore City Police Department

A severe dearth of motivation is affecting the Baltimore City Police Department. A number of the officers of this department have uploaded anonymous videos on YouTube where they give an insight into the dangerously low levels of motivation….....

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