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Leadership Qualities

I have had leadership experiences in different settings such as schools, teams, and the workplace and through these I have had a better understanding about leadership qualities and behavior. One of my leadership qualities is communication. I am able to convey clearly and concisely what I want done, and this in turn makes it possible for me to relate my vision to my subordinates and therefore work towards the common goal. In addition, this open level of communication has enabled my team to know that they can easily trust and rely on me and therefore makes me able work harder (Prive, 2012). Another leadership quality that I have is commitment and drive. I am constantly working hard to ensure that the set objectives are achieved, even in times when we experience setbacks. In addition, another leadership quality I have is honesty and being ethical. In general, corporate governance takes into account the system of instructions, practices and procedures towards which an organization is motivated and controlled. This necessitates ethical and honest behaviors in order to ensure that the interests of different stakeholders are taken into consideration. In addition, by promoting an honest and ethical lifestyle within the organization, it encourages and steers the other team members to conform to and achieve these standards.

Kinds of Leadership Behavior

Numerous instances reveal the leadership traits and mannerisms I have used in the past. With respect to communication, I have been able to utilize this leadership behavior during instances of training new members within the organization and also manifesting a productive and effective work setting.
Every year, the organization brings in new members into the organization who need to learn new aspects of corporate governance to induce a great level of productivity within the workforce. Therefore, deploying proper and comprehensive lines of communication makes it much easier for the new members to be integrated into the organization (Prive, 2012). Instances of commitment and drive can be perceived in both the work and school setting. I am always determined to ensure that I complete my tasks at the end of the day and not postpone them without sufficient and valid reason. What is more, when new members within the organization have instances of worry and fear, I am able to calm down such concerns and sustain the morale of the team. This level of commitment helps me to sustain their integrity and drive towards organizational goals and corporate objectives and assure all new and rookie members that setbacks are normal and the significant aspect is to concentrate on the major objective at hand. The same case applies at the school setting, where….....

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