Licensure and Discipline of Nurses Essay

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Nursing Licensure

Why is it important

Every nursing practice has to be accompanied by rightful acceptance to be part of the nursing processes and activities in any society. The nursing licensure is a document that gives a right for the nursing activities to be done, not just for progression, but also for the same of improving life and health in any human setting. Certification is a necessity for any commercial activity today. Nursing is not exempted from such regulations. The licensure enables nursing to be seen as a professional body with credentials that must be met just like other professions. Nurse certification separates professional nurses from other nursing activities done yet not professional in nursing. ABNS and many other certifying bodies ensure that nursing is done within the specified regulations (Roux & in Halstead, 2018).

Licensure makes the nursing profession have quality attenuations that separate it from other medical fields. Licensure regulates and controls nursing practices. It ensures that there is order to be followed. It protects nurses from any form of unscrupulous engagement. It products consumers from being introduced to unhealthy nursing practices. It also makes a nurse to be recognized with specific responsibilities globally. Certification gives chances and space for the nurses to do their thing. A regulatory body ensures that nurses are protected from any unethical activity likely to come their way. It also ensures that the nurses are offered what is a requirement for them to fulfill their duties to the consumers.

How does it affect nursing practice?

Nursing is a field that is attached to human life, also including the lives of animals. Everything that is done in this field has a perspective towards a promotion of human health, safety, and sustenance. Having such a body as a free world would be a mistake to the people. Nursing licensure enables the nursing body to act as a unit and with objectivity. It makes the nursing body act universally as a single unit, being inclusive and with one objective. Nurses are brought to one field where their deliberations are monitored within a specified objectivity. Nursing practice is programmed and profiled in a way that it serves the people and acts on specific directives other than acting singly (Murray & McKinney, 2014).

The nursing practice has fostered objectivity because the regulations to be attained and followed have become necessary to master a way of production. Innovation and success within the nursing field are made possible with the need to foster the unity of purpose. Nurses are individuals who have to act professionally at all times. The nursing practice is streamlined by the present regulations, one of which is that nurse who has completed a process of training have to be licensed in order to make them legit and with authority to carry out the nursing practice.
Licensing makes the profession be compact in ensuring there is governance within the profession. It separates the profession from other business initiatives.

How will it change my practice?

I am a nurse and I have to adhere to the regulations offered by the nursing community. The licensure enables me to have a direct relation with my clients with prove of the allowance to partake of the nursing practices. The nursing licensure ensures that I have the necessary and acceptable authority to carry out nursing practices. It gives me the innate ability to proceed with the nursing practices at any place and in any society (Murray & McKinney, 2014).

With licensure, I will have an authority to engage in nursing practices with other nurses. I will further my career as a nurse, not just, though delivery of nursing practices, but also focusing on knowledge addition through further learning. I will make recommendations that contribute to the bigger objectives of the nursing body. Moreover, I will be assured of a place in the nursing community where health is considered as a major component of human existence.

Minor Incidence In Nursing Care Delivery

Why is it important

Every nurse wishes for a perfect delivery of every nursing delivery at all times. No nurse wants to be embroiled in an issue while delivering the necessary and important nursing deliveries. Nonetheless, nursing incidences have always been a step towards better learning and better delivery of the nursing practices. Nursing incidences act as nursing lessons and moments for correction. Many nurses freak at incidences that occur over a nursing process. Nonetheless, nursing has to be accustomed to both good and bad in terms of incidences and successes. Successes are good and incidences are opportunities for learning, improvement, and correctness.

Many nurses have met this situation where they encounter incidences in the nursing practice. Delivering a nursing care is a tedious process. Perfection is the most sought after the occurrence. Nonetheless, incidences are often common. Every success has been built on a number of incidences in the delivery of care. It does not mean that incidences are a reflection of failure. It might be an occurrence of errors, most of which will likely be absent in the next process of care delivery. Incidences, thus, are good and at the same time, occurrences that nurse try to avoid. Their occurrences mark a stepping stone towards perfection and even greater success. With incidences, correct strategies, measures, and even policies have been developed, all of which have had a….....

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