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Prompt 2: 'In some stories, characters come into conflict with the culture in which they live.'

For this literary assignment, I have chosen Prompt 2, which explains that the characters of some tales enter into discord with their surrounding culture. Usually, a character may feel estranged and different from the society on account of his/her ethnic/racial group, sex, or social class.

What interests you most about this prompt and why?

The above prompt interests me as it addresses the subject of heritage and culture. Modern-day individuals depict greater cultural sensitivity and awareness and are more mindful of the distinctions between themselves and others, compared to their forebears. Humanity has now permitted its cultural disparities and backgrounds to guide its social interactions with individuals belonging to other backgrounds. Some, however, reject their personal history and backgrounds; hence, clearly, culture forms a key component of conflict. One may perceive cultures to be akin to underground rivers which traverse one's life and associations, conveying messages which influence one's notions of oneself and other individuals, one's opinions, beliefs and attributions.
Cultures, although strong, are usually unconscious and subtly impact conflict as well as conflict resolution efforts (Morris & Fu, 2001).

What text will you write about? Why?

(Use the space below to complete this section. Your response must be 100 to 150 words.)

I will write about Alice Walker's 1973 story, "Everyday Use" from In Love and Trouble: Stories of a Black Woman. Walker provides readers with an interesting and meaningful view of how individuals fight their heritage as well as the steps some take to spurn their heritage (Harrisson, 2006). This short story set in the civil rights era (i.e., 1960s America, where blacks were attempting to culturally define their unique identities) deals with blacks' dilemma when they risk an awful deracination for escaping penury and bias; the surrender from everything that described and sustained them. A number of blacks wished to revive their African heritages, and shed as well as rebuff the American culture, resulting in considerable injustice and agony. Walker, however, basically aims at challenging the overall black society to recognize and have regard for their American culture….....

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