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Maison LANVIN 2016 Company Analysis

Company Description

Lanvin is A French multinational company specializing in high fashion. Established in 1889, the company is presently more than 125 years old. At present, Lanvin is a reference to French fashion, Luxury, accessories and perfumes. Since its establishment, the company registered office remains the same at Faubourg in Paris. Jeanne Lanvin is renowned for her talents, and through her innovative talents, the company has become known for refinement, elegance and luxury globally. Start as a milliner, and later sell to Paris's upper class, the company has built its name as a top company that designs ultra-feminine clothing marked with elaborate trimming that includes beading, embroidery, beading, and fragrances. Despite the success of Lanvin House, the company experienced a decline in sales towards the end of 20th century.

In 2001, Lanvin found a critical and financial success with the help of designer Alber Elbaz who used his technical and creative skills to design clothes, which women desired to wear. Lanvin is the oldest fashion house that is presently in operation. While the company designs the menswear, however, Lanvin is best loved by celebs, and editors, who buy womenswear exquisitely. Since 2001, Lanvin is flourishing in the fashion market. In 2005, Lucas Ossendrijver also signed collections with Lanvin Men assisting the company in designing and manufactures accessories, fashion apparel, and fragrances for both men and women. The company also offers small leather goods, handbags, and jewelry for women. Moreover, the company offers shoes, sunglasses sneakers and seasonal wears for men, and children. Lanvin sells their products through retail stores in Europe, the Unite States, Brazil, Middle East, and Miami.

b- Company objectives

The Lanvin objective is to update men and women's Fashion by modernizing and updating classic pieces. Lavin objective matches c- Products and/or services

Lanvin products consist of clothing, accessories, apparel, jewelry, shoes, perfume, and purses. The company designs clothing for men, women and children. The men's collection include t-shirts, trench coat, sweatpants and cardigans. The accessories consist of a hat, sunglasses, key ring, purse, scarf, wallet, and waist belt. The Lanvin women clothing are Denim Dresses, Coats, Jackets, Pants, Knits, Rompers, Skirts, and Tops. The 2016 Lanvin women products are jackets, long dress, shirts, evening dress, bracelets, outwear, skirts, shoulder bags, slippers, card holders and wallet.

2) Managing Creativity

a. Analysis of the company creativity model: commitment, approach, resources, results and fit

The Lanvin House has been able to manage creativity by selecting creative and talented leaders to manage the Lanvin House.
However, the trend in Lanvin House creativity started from the owner, Jeanne Lanvin, who built the longest fashion house in the world. Jeanne Lanvin had one daughter, and the cloth she designed for her daughter was so appreciated and many mundane clienteles ordered the same cloth, which encouraged her to start the children collections. The collections were followed by a wedding, a fur and lingerie collections. In the 1920s, she started the sports' collection and interior design. In 1926, Lanvin opened the boutiques all over France that comprised of men's clothes collections. Typically, Jeanne Lanvin creativity was so superb making many clients order for a wide collection of high profile clothing. During her days, Lanvin was the first designer to view fashion as a lifestyle by viewing creativity as the things that encompass a wide area of fields, which include perfume, interior decoration, sportswear, lingerie, menswear and fur. By traveling around the world and she complied a travel diary and integrated her discovery into the French fashion. Lanvin used her ethnic fabrics, travel diary, and library art books to create fabrics, exclusive and pattern colors where the lame fabric was identified as one of her favorites. Lanvin was the first designer who designs for four seasons where each collection is more than 200 looks. Between 1867 and 1946, Lanvin featured in over 100 models. However, when Jeanne Vanlin reached the old age, her talents for creativity started declining.

However, Alber Elbaz joined Lanvin in 2001 as an artistic director. Alber introduced a new packaging and creativity into the fashion house. Alber used his artistic creativity by introducing different collections into the Lavin house. With creative innovation introduced by Alber, Lanvin has introduced different collections into 200 stores worldwide by 2010. As being revealed by Prestige (2015), Alber Elbaz is a true visionary influential fashion icon, artist, and a silhouette alchemist. Alber's designing creativity revived the world oldest fashion Lanvin house. Typically, Lanvin house was considered as a sleeping beauty until Alber's arrival in 2001 by using the elegance creativity to transform the Lanvin French fashion becoming a red carpet favorite. Since 2001, Lanvin logo stirs emotions. In the Parisian office, Alber Elbaz design is synonymous with prestige. Contrary to many designers who use the internet to design, Alber uses pen and paper to design. Through Alber creativity, Lavin's estimated revenue reached $321 million (250 million euros) in 2014.

b. Analysis of company's competitive advantage on creativity: is it sustainable? What makes the company unique in the fashion industry?

Brown, (2016) argues that innovative leaders can turn a creativity into competitive market advantages......

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