Management and Operation Consulting for Google Essay

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Operations Consulting Proposal for Google

Organizations in the current business world face a considerable range of challenges that threaten their performance. These challenges include competition, constantly changing consumer needs, and technology among others. In response to these, businesses are required to embrace business models that will ensure the competitiveness and performance of companies in their markets. The following study examines the problems that Google experiences and the strategies it requires to adopt change for it to remain competitive in the industries it serves. To achieve this, Google's business model will be examined to show the manner in which it has contributed to its growth. Besides, the resources and data necessary for consulting firms to relay to business the measures to undertake will be discussed. Finally, the financial impacts of operations consulting especially with regard to having positive impacts on business processes will be examined.

When it was established, Google had no business model that could enable it to achieve its desired share in the global markets. Google was a maddeningly unprofitable company and this prompted it to explore effective strategies it could embrace for stability in its resources and revenue. The company managed to make profit margins that were not able to sustain their daily operating costs that saw it sell their search appliances to businesses. Moreover, it started to do a search of their technology that enabled it to have superior abilities to other engines. From this, it managed to change radically and attributed to its change in business models that was strategic. According to Syverson (2011), a business model as a firm's logic dictating how it operates and manages to create value for all its stakeholders. In essence, it depicts the structure, content, and governance of transactions that are designed to create value through the exploitation of existing business opportunities.

Prior to its growth, Google could have considering embracing some of the items contained in the consulting tool kit to enhance its performance. All this is related to the operations and supply chain management and the first direction Google would take is to define the problem and gather information. The use of this assessment tool could have enabled Google to identify market-specific services that ought to have been offered to the target markets by the company (Poulfelt & Olson, 2010).

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From the outlook, it is evident that the company gave focus to a micro and highly aggressive business model. The outlook gives that the business marketing employed is serious but in reality, they have a whimsical marketing side with a powerful impact on Google as a brand. This is evident where the search engine of Google machine is updated from time to time.

The updates enable Google home to have interactive features on its gadgets that are designed to engage people in a conversation and in visiting this site. The teams at Google were able to understand that their key to great marketing evolved around the use of viral and creative ideas. In most cases, the use of strategies that are invisible and secretive enabled them to make the brand noticed. Google understood that they needed to be less obvious especially when it came to trying to manipulate their customers and thus, all they needed to do was to influence the market. Therefore, they decided to give an obvious edge over their transparent and cliche marketing. Such are the gaps that they needed to look at because it led to them incorporating a business model that was aligned to their business activities (Poulfelt & Olson, 2010).

Therefore, by looking at Google's Multi-sided business model, they were able to provide their consumers with a free platform. These web surfers were able to search the Internet and through this Google managed to gain access to their most invaluable data. From this, Google realized the importance of gathering data and the fact that their platform enabled them to generate money through advertising. Currently, the services offered by Google include Gmail, Google Search, Google Docs, and even a dedicated spot that mainly focused on advertisement (Goldfarb, 2014). Such are the services that continue to propel Google in the advertising industry to remarkable heights.

Many people consider advertising see advertising as Google's main business but this is not the case. The other differentiating factor for Google is that their advertisement platform had insights and analysis of the people's behavior who are Internet users. This contributed greatly to Google's value proposition (Jacques, Perry & Kristensson, 2015). All in all the single….....

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