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Executive Summary: Annual Marketing Plan


The annual marketing plan for the local law enforcement organization Ft. Mitchell Police Department is based on the budget of the department, which is financed by the public: state, local and federal taxes as well as bonds all go into financing the budget of the Ft. Mitchell PD. The budget is used to pay officers’ salaries, pensions, equipment, and so on. It is also used to fund the annual marketing plan of the department.

Situation Analysis

The Ft. Mitchell PD is in need of re-branding itself following a local scandal involving some of its officers what has been deemed by local community leaders and city council as a needlessly escalated conflict between police and minority members of the community. The department has set about developing a number of marketing approaches for its annual plan to help strengthen its image in the community and highlight some of the positive things the department is doing locally.

Marketing Objectives

The department implements a number of different marketing strategies in order to promote its image with the community, maintain a positive relationship with stakeholders, and show tax payers that their money is being put to good use in the police department. The objectives of the police department’s marketing plan are: 1) to raise awareness about policing, 2) to connect in a positive way with community members, 3) to offer outreach and education to the community so as to build police community relations, and 4) to show what the department is doing to serve and protect the community and why the department continues to need the support of the community to achieve its objective.


Interactive marketing, digital marketing and social media will all be used as marketing strategies for helping the department to meet its objectives. Of the three, interactive marketing is deemed the most important to the department because it provides direct interaction between the face of the local PD and the members of the community whose support is required for the PD to continue to function. Digital marketing will appeal to the Digital Era users of the Internet, where the PD will operate a website that offers educational material, links, news about programs and opportunities available through the PD, and other useful information. Social media will be used to spread tips, news, important updates, emergency notifications to social media users. It will also be used for uploading user generated content to help put the local PD in a positive light that shows it serving the community in beneficial ways.


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