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One of the key healthcare issues in America as well as globally is mental health. The news article by Rinker (2017) in Kaiser News Health delineates the mental health problems experienced by college students. Based on the article, when students begin their life in college, several of them come to experience anxieties, face a difficult time to adjust to life in college, and possibly plunge into austere depression or self-destructive feelings and points of view. Owing to this issue, the Chancellor of UCLA, Gene Block, proclaimed that the college is offering charitable mental health screenings to all students entering the school including transfer students and the freshmen students. In acknowledgement of the stress that income students face as they begin their college life, UCLA purposes to screen for depression to aid in ensuring that all students are mentally healthy. The institution will also screen for traits associated with depression including craze, anxiety, as well as suicidal tendencies. The school will provide healthcare assistance to the students in need of it. The news event delineates the significance of screening and taking care of mental health of college students. This is largely for the reason that college age is the point when there is a lot of consideration to the full potential of students. It is the suitable time when the adult trajectory comes to be positioned (Rinker, 2017).

Several scholarly articles buttress this particular issue. In accordance to Eisenberg et al. (2012), a great deal of mental problems have their initial inception at the age of 24 and these mental problems constitute more debility-attuned life years compared to any other class of conditions amongst late pubescents and young adults in the United States. Every year, new students join colleges and have to cope with a change in their life, which most times can be largely difficult to cope with. There is a great need for increasing the use of suitable services amongst students in university with serious mental health problems.

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Negligence of this aspect can lead to severe problems in the future. Mental illnesses premature in life are substantial forecasters of educational accomplishment, occupation and output, social interactions, and death. On the other hand, the bulk of college students suffering from mental problems are not getting treatment. This lack of treatment signifies a neglected chance to decrease the encumbrance of mental diseases in our population. The authors offer recommendations for the subsequent steps that could be taken to enhance knowledge and practice in that area. Prevailing intervention tactics to help looking for in the college environment underline knowledge and outlooks regarding mental sicknesses and treatment options. Some of the strategies include campaigns for anti-stigma, screening programs, and caretaker trainings. Moreover, the society will profit as well taking into consideration the huge burden and the leading chance for intervention in college populaces (Eisenberg et al., 2012).

The article by Downs et al. (2013) indicates that university students are at significant risk for facing mental health issues. Statistics indicate that approximately 33 percent and 50 percent of college students experience mental problems that influence their functioning at any particular time. The prevailing mental health issues faced by college students seem to consist of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and eating disorders. Taking into consideration the number of university students who are at risk for psychological health issues, it is not alarming that a great deal of universities gave medical and mental treatment providers who are directly positioned at the campus or else accessible to students. Regrettably,….....

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