Modus Operandi of a Crime Series Essay

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Strategic, Tactical, and Administrative Crime Analysis

The type of analysis that is being performed when reviewing the incident summaries is tactical, as the crimes are all committed within a few weeks of one another in the same region and the aim of the review is to provide “information to assist operational personnel in the identification of crime trends and in the arrest of criminal offenders” (Beaverton Police, 2018).

As Bruce and Santos (2011) point out, a crime series is “a group of similar crimes thought to be committed by the same individual or group of individuals acting in concert” (p. 3). As these three robberies bear striking similarities to one another, the robberies may be considered a crime series. For example, the perpetrators were wearing the same masks in each case, took the same kind of cigarettes as well as cash, and in two of the three cases the same type of getaway vehicle was driven—a Ford Taurus (in the first case, the vehicle was not identified but it was most likely the same one). Thus, this should definitely be considered a crime series.

Clues that might help to establish the identity of either of the suspects include: 1) “a large tattoo of a spider with what looked like tattooed blood droplets coming out of where the spider’s feet were depicted entering the man’s right leg”; 2) the Ford Taurus with temporary tags; 3) and the name “Nemo” was used, directed at the driver of the getaway vehicle.
Checking to see if there were temporary tags registered to a Nemo for a Ford Taurus could help to catch these individuals.

The elements of the modus operandi that remained consistent in each of the three incidents included: 1) wearing Halloween masks from the villains of the films Saw and Scream; 2) the clothing—blue jeans or black shorts and black hooded sweatshirt; 3) they carried guns; 4) they took Marlboro cigarette cartons in the first two cases; 5) in the first two cases, the robbers were two—in the third, there was one robber and the other waited in the car; 6) the first two locations were convenience stores and the third was a donut shop; 7) the same model getaway vehicle was identified in two of the three cases; 8) in two of the cases, the getaway car fled down Main Street; 9) the robbers took money out of the cash register either by jumping over the….....

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