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My Leadership Approach

We all have diverse and unique leadership styles and approaches to leadership. In essence, my styles of leadership are essentially drawn from Goleman’s six situational styles. It is important to note that although Goleman is of the opinion that the said leadership styles ought to be customized to the situation, a person could be accustomed to any of the six styles of leading highlighted (Ahlstrom & Bruton, 2009). Towards this end, I am more of a coaching/pacesetting leader. As a coaching leader, I tend to be more focused on being conversational and aim to create a good rapport with those that I engage. In so doing, I seek to develop the skills and capabilities of others while at the same time playing the encouraging role. My approach is true to the assertion of Ahlstrom and Bruton (2009) that “this style is more like a counselor than a traditional boss” (253). On the other hand, as a pacesetting leader, I believe that everyone has what it takes to be an achiever and accomplish the set goals.
I am a firm believer in hard work and a focused work ethic. I always ensure that I walk the talk. As Ahlstrom and Bruton (2009) observe, this style of leadership is most effective in those instances where employees are not only competent but also self-motivated.

When it comes to my approach to leadership, I am of the opinion that leadership can be learned. As a learned skill, I am convinced that while it cannot be taught in a formal classroom setting, leadership skills can be acquired through practice and experience. This would be through exposure to real life situations that develop our ability to think rationally, relate to people, and handle challenges. My point of view is supported by Ricketts and Ricketts (2010) who point out that “the ability to solve problems and make decisions is a skill that can be learned and improved through practice” (358).


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