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National Institute of Health Care Management Foundation

Founded in 1993 and based in Washington, D.C., the National Institute of Health Care Management Foundation (NIHCM) is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization the works towards "improving the health of Americans by spurring workable and creating solutions to pressing health care problems" (NIHCM, 2017). The Foundation exists between the ideological space occupied by think tanks on the one side and associations on the other side. By providing evidence-based research and reports, the Foundation "sparks insights and collaboration" among health care groups, who then implement solutions to overcome obstacles in the health care industry. The Directors of the Foundation include some of the top CEOs of health insurance companies, while NIHCM's advisory board consists of academics, doctors, and former government workers.

Specific actions taken by NIHCM in the past include the sponsoring of grants for research to the amount of $2 million over the past 5 years. The Foundation has given awards in recognition of stellar journalism in the health field. It has hosted webinars on innovations in the health care policy and health care markets fields. It has charted the latest in health care data and discussed the implications of trends, has issued briefs on pressing health matters, and briefed politicians on these same matters on Capitol Hill.

A key health care issue that the stakeholder is influencing is health care coverage and how to make it more affordable for all. One of the ways it is influencing this topic is by bringing the top researchers, health care professionals, lawyers and political leaders together in a webinar entitled "What's Next for Health Policy?" Other webinars the organization has hosted along the same lines include "Improving Continuity of Coverage and Care for Pregnant and Postpartum Women" and "Prioritizing Super Spenders: Coverage and Care for High-Need Patients" (Health Care Coverage, 2017). There is a diverse group represented by the stakeholder: it includes patients, providers, insurers and representatives. The desired impact of the stakeholder is for patients to receive better coverage under current health care policy laws so that they can receive optimal quality care. Because health care is such a complex system, what benefits one group (such as patients) should also be beneficial to providers, to insurers, to pharmacists, and so on. In short, all stakeholders are considered by the Foundation -- which is why the aim of the Foundation is to bring together all representatives of all stakeholders so that solutions can be worked out that are win-win for everyone.

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The perspective of the organization is that health care should be something that works for everyone and that all stakeholders should be protected by policies that are sound and effective. From providers to patients to insurers to manufacturers to government agencies that facilitate coverage -- everyone plays a role in the how health care is handled. Thus, by bringing these diverse voices together along with expert opinion informed by evidence-based research, the Foundation's perspective is that solutions can be achieved through education and teamwork.

NIHCM works with a number of organizations to promote social responsibility. These organizations include: UNICEF's Kid Power, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, the Trevor Project, Horton's Kids, Street Sense, CASA for Children of DC and Green Door.

The most senior leader of NIHCM is founding President and CEO Nancy Chockley. Her educational background consists of degrees from the University of Virginia and the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration (Nancy VanHuyck Chockley, 2017).

The duties and responsibilities of Chockley as CEO of NIHCM include working with health plan CEOs and policy experts "to advance strategic thinking and practical applications" (NIHCM Staff, 2017). This position is important because as founding President and CEO of the Foundation, Chockley serves as "a national voice in the health care arena" and acts as an advocate of sound, non-partisan solutions to health care problems that impact all stakeholders (NIHCM Staff, 2017). Through her work, she aims "to improve the health of all Americans through a robust array of programs, grants and awards" that empower researchers, experts, professionals and representatives to work together and build effective relationships (NIHCM Staff, 2017). Her position is important to the organization because she acts as the face of the Foundation and as the leading and guiding voice. As the CEO, her attitude, values,….....

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